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  • Blueprint Locations: The Slums
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Although the sequel features swanky streamlined parkour moves, the unique charm of 2015's Dying Light continues to attract players old and new. Agent Crane's post-apocalyptic trawl through zombie-infested Harran is teeming with all manner of horrors; if Bolters and Volatiles weren't enough, there are plenty of heavily-armed human enemies to sink a bullet into.

To make it through the night safely, you'll need to gear up. Whether hankering for a clever new melee weapon to pop some Infected skulls with, or all-natural Medkits for on-the-go healing, this handy guide will direct you to every craftable item in Harran's two playable districts.

Blueprint Locations: The Slums

Blueprint Name Location On Map
Short Circuit South of The Tower in a building near the southeastern corner of the map in a yellow toolbox.
Zazhigalka Atop Dr. Zere's truck locked inside a toolbox, just south of The Tower.
EXPcalibur This legendary weapon can be found on a tiny isle off the southeastern coast of the Slums, sticking out of a dead man's chest.
Fire Launcher Protect mission reward, with the survivor in question found outside The Tower on the right-hand side.
Grill'em and Kill'em Given to you by Toygar after completing the Lighter Gas mission at The Tower.
Bolter Poison The reward for completing the quest Siblings, and given to you at The Tower.
Electricutter Found in a chest inside a building when you walk a straight line eastward from The Tower.
GTFO Protect mission reward from the survivor picked up just outside The Tower on the left-hand side of the building.
Pocket Lighter Found in a safe-house just to the left of The Tower.
Welder Found in a safe-house after completing the main mission, Pact With Rais.
Dahlia's Potions Dahlia's Shroom Potion is your reward for completing the side quest Witch Queen, collected from Dahlia the witchdoctor at a safe-house in the southwest corner of The Slums.

Dahlia's Kidney Potion can be crafted during Dahlia's side quest Kidney Punch.

Dahlia's Liver Potion can be crafted during Dahlia's side quest Hunting Goon.

Dahlia's Cloak Potion is earned during Dahlia's last quest, Bring Me The Brain Of Usain Bolter.

Sophia's Healing Recipe Fisherman's Village in the eastern Slums as your reward for completing the scavenging quest Dulse.
Puff Puff Pass Protect mission reward from a survivor found in the southwestern Slums, just above and to the left of the quarantine zone marker near a safe-house.
Dentist Found inside a tent on the table in southwest Slums, in a building flanked by a mushroom gathering spot and some Bolter feeding grounds.
Item Of The Day Blueprints (purchased from shops/quartermasters) Standard Issue Hellfire

All-Purpose Toxic Striker

Industrial-Grade Leach

Tru Action Baseball

Ben Franklin's Key

Fastball Special (once you reach Survivor Level Seven)

SiCK Bomb This hidden blueprint can be collected from the roof of The Tower after playing the checkers mini-game.
Zappo Protect quest reward from the survivor found in northwest Slums, in a house near a quarantine zone.
Natural Medkit Found in the north Slums after Pact With Rais, OR can be obtained using your points after reaching Survivor Level Five.
230v In the safe-house, you enter during the mission First Assignment.
Bad Hangover Can be picked up at the school during the Siblings mission.
Thorn Crown Found locked inside a toolbox in a garage beneath a building just north and slightly to the left of The Tower.
Water Current Found inside the water substation office due northwest of The Tower.
Poison Pen Found by a whiteboard due north of the school in the western Slums.
Stinky Edge Found in a house in northwest Slums.
Exorcist Protect quest reward given to you by a survivor, who can be found near the middle of the Slums.
Korek Machete Tucked away in a toolbox on a roof in the northern Slums, hidden behind a stack of crates. You must kick the box for a few minutes before it opens.
Cattle Stamp Beneath the roof and on the table of a house in the northeasterly Slums.
Glowing Stick Inside one of the buses congesting the road just to the northwest of The Tower.
Filthy Blade Found in a building just opposite Rais' base in the western Slums.
Stay Down Located near the safe-house in the northernmost part of the Slums.
Heavy Welder South of the safe-house in the northernmost part of the Slums, locked inside a blue shipping container.
Home Run After completing The Prodigal Son mission, it can be found inside the previously locked office beneath Alexei's antenna.
Zombie Classic A reward was collected from Alexei for completing The Prodigal Son.
Kurt's Bombs Collect this one from Kurt as a reward for completing the side mission The Big Bang Thesis.
Surprise MFers! Perched precariously on the very top of the broken bridge next to the Fishing Village.
Puke N' Nuke In the wilderness by the lavender scavenging points marked on the map in the northwest Slums.
Barbershop North of The Tower and to the left of the safe-house visited in First Assignment.
Silenced German / American 9mm Pistol Available from the Quartermaster (and Spike) after reaching Survivor Level 12.
Airport Security Located inside a shack near the broken bridge's safe-house.
Zaid's Flairs Given to you by Zaid after completing the Firebug mission.

Blueprint Locations: Old Town

Blueprint Name Location On Map
Angel Sword Received as a reward from Rupert for completing the Troll side quest.
Electrocutioner Perched on some stacked wooden pallets at the top of the tallest floor of the Embers Tower – your first safe-house in Old Town.
All-In-One Inside a stone tower in the northwestern section of Old Town, far above the main area of the map.
God Hammer In the cannibal's room in southern Old Town, the same building in which you find Tariq's reward room following the events of the side mission Chasing Past.
Bad Ass Atop a large blue stage in eastern Old Town.
Flame Blade Use your grappling hook to scale the tall pergola just northeast of Ember Towers, and the blueprint will be tucked away in a toolbox on the podium floor.
Cloud 9 In one of the downstairs store rooms of Harran University (a safe house), nearby where you find Spike.
Cut N' Go Same as the Flame Blade, you must climb up the pergola and this time search the bare mattress for the blueprint.
Toxicodendron (formerly Poison Strapon) On the sofa next to the dead body in a large grassy patch of land in southeast Old Town.
Strobe Knight After clearing all enemies from the office building in the side mission Office Outpost, check the ground floor for a blue barrel with the blueprint sticking out next to it.
Pyza Suit A hidden Easter egg in the Super Mario mini-game is accessed from a poster in southern Old Town. It can be found on top of an invisible platform which can only be discovered by jumping around repeatedly until your head hits it.
Poison Blast In the side door of an abandoned truck in the tunnels of southeast Old Town.
Toxic Reaper Found in the trunk of an abandoned van, half underwater, in a tunnel in eastern Old Town.
Get Medieval In a safe-house in the northern portion of Old Town, sitting on a chair.
Flap Clap After collecting a key from Tariq following the side quest Chasing Past, travel south to the reward room in the same building as the God Hammer blueprint.
Stasis Field Projector Found after completing the Rupert the Gunsmith questline; interact with the teddy bear in Rupert's house as many times as needed before it explodes and awards you the blueprint.
Rooster On the desk beneath a second-floor apartment window in north Old Town
Right Hand Of gloVA You must complete the side quest Do You Believe? and collect two black stones to unlock this print:

  1. Located very far up in northern Old Town, nearby the All-In-One blueprint, and tricky to see. Look carefully!
  2. Hidden on the southern shores of Old Town and identified only as "unknown" when you hover your mouse over it.

Place both stones into the eye-sockets of the skull in the safe-house in northwestern Old Town to reveal the blueprint in your inventory.

GTFO 2.0 Found in northeastern Old Town in the boot of a yellow van.
Water 2.0 Given to you by Mort Norris at Harran University as a reward for completing the Fountain side mission.

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