EA DOWN: Server status latest as Madden Ultimate Team hit by outage

Fans are reporting that EA servers are down tonight and mostly affecting Madden 20 and Madden Ultimate Team Mode.

It’s unclear what has caused the outage or how long it might last, with gamers confirming that the current server status has been in place for several hours.

“I was online earlier and I bought some packs and powered up D Sanders for the first time. Then it booted me out and haven’t been able to get back on ever since,” one user writes.

Others are sharing similar stories, with the only good news that the number of reports are dropping.

This could mean that normal service will be back in the coming hour, although it all depends on EA fixing the current problems with Madden Ultimate Team.

The latest news from the EA Support Service confirms the issues with Madden games tonight, following the launch of Series 4.

And it appears the Madden development team have been forced to take down much of the game down to fix issues with the game’s event features.

“Currently, MUT is offline temporarily. We can help you troubleshoot and look for missing items once this is resolved. Sorry, you are being affected this way,” a message from EA reads.

Another message from the Madden team explains: “Teams are still working through the events issue above.

“This will cause some modes to be gated temporarily. Until resolved, this will impact tonight’s NFL 100 content drop. Stay tuned for updates, thank you.”


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