Elden Ring Fan Turns Tarnished Into Luffy With One Piece Mod

YouTuber Prod has uncovered a new Elden Ring mod that gives the player and bosses a One Piece coat of paint, turning Margit the Fell Omen into Borsalino and the Tarnished into Luffy. Venture further into Stormveil Castle and you'll find Godrick has been replaced with Akainu – weirdly enough, it all fits.

Perhaps the biggest change comes to Melina, who is now

Silvers Rayleigh or the 'Dark King'. He'll awkwardly kneel by you at the bonfire, as Melina does, and offer himself up as your maiden. Had he done that to Luffy in the Manga, One Piece would have been a very different story.

Knights dotted about The Lands Between are also replaced with sailors from the Navy, who Luffy brutally murders. Granted, he can't stretch his body or take otherwise fatal hits like he does in the Manga, so it's only fair he gets to swing a sword around for a change, channeling his inner Zoro (or Zolo).

Characters and bosses will even show up in cutscenes, their new bodies rigged to old ones, fitting their animations. The only caveat is that you'll still hear Melina speak through Rayleigh, and Margit through Borsalino, giving the whole thing an added uncanney effect. But given that they retain the animated style and stand in realistic-looking settings among other realistic enemies and characters, it's hardly the most distracting part.

The mod itself comes from MrMorritos3D and transforms several other key characters throughout Elden Ring. Kurohige takes over as the Godskin noble, Doffy as the apostle, Boa Hancock as Rennala, Oars as Fire Giant, Lucci as Maliketh, Gol D Roger as Radagon, Kaido as the Elden Beast, and Magellan as Mogh.

However, if you want to look like Luffy, you do need Blaidd's armour set – it's not just a character reksin. Right now, bosses still have their old names, too, but MrMorritos3D is working on adding custom ones. It should be enough to tie us over until Odyssey launches, at any rate.

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