Elden Ring Gets Creepy With This Fan-Made Creepypasta

What with all of the T-Rex dogs, hand spiders, and pretty much all of Caelid, you'd assume that not many people would want to make Elden Ring even spookier. That's exactly what YouTuber king bore haha has done though, making their own Elden Ring creepypasta video just in time to give you the creeps now that spooky season is right around the corner.

First shared by Kotaku, the video in question is titled "Saint's Descent" and shows a player walking into, unsurprisingly, a tomb called Saint's Descent. The player very quickly comes across a long dark staircase that they walk all the way to the bottom of, pulling out a torch half way to light the place up. They then come to a big dark hole which they almost immediately jump down – classic Elden Ring player behaviour.

Since it would spoil the spirit of the whole thing, I won't explain what happens after they jump down the hole, but the video itself is embedded down below for your viewing pleasure. What makes the video great is the small details to make the whole thing look like a player has genuinely just come across a mysterious tomb. Trying to find hidden walls, pulling out a torch in the darkness instead of at the start of the tomb, it's all believable behaviour that adds a twinge of realism to the whole experience.

If you enjoyed that, king borre haha actually has a whole playlist of creepy videos you can binge. Most of the videos are from the original Dark Souls game, but they're a definite must-watch for any FromSoftware fans that feels like getting spooky.

But you know what's scarier than Dark Souls creepypasta? Industry consolidation. It was recently revealed that Tencent and Sony have acquired a combined 30 percent of FromSoftware from owner Kadokawa Group. The companies have acquired 16.25 and 14.69 of FromSoftware respectively, but Kadokawa is still the majority owner with 69.66 percent. While this doesn't change the ownership at all, it is a sign that both Tencent and Sony could be eyeing up the Dark Souls developer for a future acquisition.

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