Elden Ring Greatsword Becomes An Easy Cheese For Malenia After Update 1.07

Malenia, as you may know by now, is by far the toughest boss to beat in Elden Ring. Thankfully, FromSoftware showed us an iota mercy by making her optional boss, and put her all the way on a part of the map you don't even need to go near to complete the game. Not only is she quick, with the ability to one-shot you, but also heals every time she makes contact with you – even when you're blocking. Frankly, it's a bullshit boss fight. There's no concrete way to cheese the fight either, that is until update 1.07 came along.

Along with hints of a possible DLC, update 1.07 brought sweeping changes to Elden Ring's weapons, primarily buffing most weapons in the story and PvP mode as well. While the intended purpose was seemingly to make players use more weapons besides the Moonveil katana, it also had an unexpected outcome, opening up the possibility of cheesing Malenia with one of the most unpopular greatswords in the game.

Ordovis' Greatsword wasn't really what you'd call a good weapon. But after update 1.07, it has the ability to put down the Blade of Miquella in a matter of seconds, without the need to actually git gud. As spotted by GamesRadar, a Reddit post shows a player defeating Malenia by simply spamming the greatsword's Weapon Skill, Ordovis's Vortex.

"This was done on my Holy damage build. Demigods are supposed to be very resistant to holy damage. Apparently only my incantations didn't do much damage. My sacred ash of wars can do quite a bit of damage to her", explained the poster. "So far this cheese only works in Phase 1, I can't quite get it to work in phase 2 yet. Looks harder than it is because the timing to stagger her in phase 1 is precise. Slightly earlier or later and her hyper armour will kick in, preventing a stagger.

"It should work in phase 2, after all her poise doesn't change," they continued. "I initially planned to end the fight with a nice wave of gold, but Ordovis Vortex is just too strong. Still a nice clean finale".

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