Elden Ring Players Debate Who The Strongest Character Is In Lore

There's plenty of strong opponents to face in Elden Ring, each one capable of tearing you limb from limb and throwing you into the ocean for just looking at them funny. However, no matter how much you struggled against them in game, Elden Ring players have been deabting which character is the strongest purely from a lore perspective. Take away plot armor and game mechanics – which one is the baddest bad guy in The Lands Between?

The question was asked by u/Magic_Oddball and posted to the Elden Ring subreddit, after which u/pain_and_sufferingXD immediately said the Tarnished themselves. It's true that the character you play as is an unstoppable force that keeps coming back no matter how many times you, but surely that's down to the skill of the player themselves. Elden Ring was the most retired game of 2022 after all, which means there're plenty of Tarnished out there that just gave up and went home.

Maliketh is another popular choice, first mentioned by u/TonyBlobfish who claims the character is feared by demigods. Then u/Marutar chimes in with the detailed lore, explaining that Maliketh was able to take down an Empyrean (essentially powerful beings that serve as vessels for Outer Gods) even before he gets more powerful with the Rune of Death. He also explains that Maliketh was created with the specific role to take down rogue Empyreans, making him an exceedingly powerful foe. A pretty good answer.

Another strong shout comes from u/erebos_tenebris, who actually goes for a character we haven't yet encountered in the game. Miquella is a character often mentioned in Elden Ring, once by Malenia who mentions that he's the strongest of the Empyreans. They also point out that Miquella created the needle that players can use to get rid of the influence of the Frenzied Flame, suggesting he has power that could potentially surpass that of an Outer God.

Whatever the case, I'm pretty sure none of these immortal beings would stand a chance against an ambush from a Rune Bear. No one can.

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