Elden Ring Streamer Controls Tarnished With Her Mind

Elden Ring turns one next month, and its players have done some pretty incredible stuff during its first year. However, someone using their thoughts to play the game might well be the most impressive thing we have seen so far.

Streamer Perrikaryal connected an EEG to her head, a device used to track and record brain activity which is capable of converting that activity into keystrokes and thus in-game actions. So yes, that quite literally means Perri thinks what she wants to happen in-game, and then it happens.

Jake Lucky shared a clip of Perri's EEG antics in action, and you can watch the entire stream and keep up with what the psychology student does next by following them on Twitch. In the clip below, Perri begins by showing viewers she isn't holding a controller. Nor does she have a dance mat under her desk, another popular way to play Elden Ring after MissMikkaa completed two copies of the game at the same time, one of which was played exclusively on a dance mat.

It should also be noted that even though Perri is saying some of the actions out loud, the game is not responding to voice commands. It is being powered exclusively through her brain activity. Perri has revealed to Lucky the goal is to be able to control all in-game abilities through an EEG, but that's going to take a while. It takes hours of training to implement each and every action.

It feels like every time someone achieves an incredible feat in Elden Ring that the game has reached the point where nothing even more impressive could possibly be done in The Lands Between. From someone beating the game's first boss with a controller made of bananas shortly after it launched to Perri using her brain activity to play the game, what the Elden Ring community is able to achieve seemingly knows no bounds.

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