Elden Ring Streamer’s Dog Saves Her From Fiery Death

MissMikkaa has already made quite the name for herself in the Elden Ring community, first for beating the game on a dance mat, then for beating the game again using a gamepad and a dance mat to control two characters at the same time. She's now taking that extreme coordination to Dark Souls where she's attempting to do the same thing.

However, MissMikkaa hasn't fully left the Lands Between. She's taken to using a randomizer mod to give herself an additional challenge to playing Elden Ring with a dance mat, which means she can meet any of Elden Ring's beasties anywhere at any time.

This mod makes it awfully difficult to find a safe time to take a bathroom break. During a recent episode, MissMikkaa left herself posed at the nomadic merchant bordering Liurnia of the Lakes where she was suddenly attacked by a dragon. Luckily, her faithful dog Yoshi came to her rescue, sending her in-game character behind a rock to avoid getting roasted by the dragon's fiery breath.

"My dog is better at Elden Ring than you?" MissMikkaa asked on Twitter. "Yoshi was on a mission looking for treats when he valiantly went up against a dragon and put my character in a spot where I didn't die to his fire! HERO."

Okay, so maybe the dog was actually just scrounging for fallen snacks, but he still inadvertently managed to keep MissMikkaa alive. That’s something to be proud of for sure.

Ever wonder how a dog would fare against Elden Ring's bosses? Probably not very well… but how about 50 of them? Elden Ring YouTuber BjornTheBear put 50 of Elden Ring's strays against its most powerful bosses and found they did pretty well against Sir Gideon Ofnir, Godrick the Grafted, and Rennala, but less well against Morgott, Melania, and Radagon.

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