Elden Ring Wins Game Of The Year At The Japan Game Awards

Even before Elden Ring launched, the hype surrounding it suggested it would be a shoo-in for 2022's Game of the Year. Once it had finally arrived, that belief was confirmed for many who played it, and more than three months before 2022 has even come to an end, FromSoftware's latest offering has already taken home its first GOTY award.

Elden Ring has won the Best Game of the Year award at the Japan Game Awards, an event taking place as part of the annual Tokyo Game Show. FromSoftware revealed the news to the rest of the world on Twitter, proudly boasting that it has been named GOTY for the first of what will likely be many times.

Elden Ring's first award has been offered up so early that the Game of the Year Awards Tracker hasn't even been fired back up yet for 2022. It is only September after all. The site makes note of all the GOTY awards given out, keeping a tally and ranking titles by how many times they have been labeled GOTY. It Takes Two won the most awards in 2021, and The Last Of Us Part 2 smashed its competition and all sorts of records the year before.

Speaking of TLOU, Part 1 may well be in the running for GOTY for a few outlets and panels this year. Probably not many since it's a remake, though. As arrivals expected to be here in 2022 such as Tears of the Kingdom and Starfield have been pushed into 2023, it has seemed more and more likely Elden Ring would be named GOTY by most people as we march towards the year's end.

There are some contenders that might perform better than Elden Ring during awards season, though. In fact, one of the year's biggest games God of War Ragnarok isn't even here yet and it might well take the crown. Elden Ring will take some beating though, and its dedicated player base continues to do weird and wonderful things to the game like modding Sauron into The Lands Between.

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