Elden Ring’s Rennala Boss Fight Might Be Cut Content From Dark Souls 3

Elden Ring is chock full of challenging bosses that players need to take down to progress, and Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is no exception. However, a new video from Dark Souls megafan Zullie the Witch has revealed that the boss fight against Rennala might have actually been originally designed as a fight with a very similar character in Dark Souls 3 – Rosario, Mother of Rebirth.

As Zullie the Witch points out (thanks GamesRadar), both characters center around rebirth and both Rennala and Rosaria are positioned in similar poses in their respective games, cradling their "children." Rennala and Rosaria's children also have very similar forms, and the cribs from which Rennala's children drop in the first stage of her boss fight can be found in Rosaria's room in Dark Souls 3.

While all of this is pretty neat, it doesn't prove that Rosaria originally intended to be a boss fight. However, Zullie the Witch also shares some evidence that might suggest as much, as modder Katalash has discovered an event trigger in Dark Souls 3 labeled as "Boss Battle BGM Rosaria" which corresponds to an unused audio track. Zullie the Witch also reveals that there's a hidden fog wall at the entrance to Rosaria's room, although they suggest it could just be to stop invaders.

While it's impossible to actually prove Rennala is a re-hashed Rosaria boss fight without confirmation from FromSoftware itself, there are a large number of similarities between the two. Nothing else was found which suggests Rosaria may have been a boss fight at some point, so it's likely that this is either just a massive coincidence or a fight with Rosaria was planned but just never got past the conceptual phase.

In other Elden Ring-related news, Let Me Solo Her recently received his "special gift" from Bandai Namco and wasted no time showing it off to the game's subreddit. Included in the care package was a bunch of neat Elden Ring items, including a replica of Melina's cloak and an actual sword with the words "Rise, Tarnished" on the blade. A pretty cool gift for a pretty cool dude.

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