Epic Contractor Under Investigation For Selling Fortnite Weapon Codes On The Black Market

Epic has launched an investigation into claims that a former contractor sold Fortnite weapon codes on the black market, leaked information to bloggers, and used his access to boost the discoverability of his friends’ Creator maps.

The news comes courtesy of FN News, which first reported on a video later shown to Games Industry.biz. "A former Russian Epic employee, generated Minty pickaxe codes to sell them on the black market," wrote the Twitter account. "He also leaked payouts from Creator maps, boosted his own friends' maps in discovery, & tried to edit existing maps in discovery, hoping to remove them for good."

The video expose, now circulating on social media, accused Alexey Gromsky of using his contractor’s access to perform nefarious deeds that enriched himself and his associates. The video goes on to accuse much of Epic’s Russian creative team of being in on Gromsky’s alleged scams.

Epic Games responded to the report, stating it had "blocked this contractor’s access to Epic’s systems while we actively investigate these claims." Epic is also in the process of actively removing the video from online sources "because of the sensitive personal information included about creators in the Fortnite community."

Besides selling Fortnite codes and tampering with Epic's discoverability code, the video also accused Gromsky of leaking information to bloggers. That includes info on upcoming events, such as the current Skywalker Week event that just started. Luke, Leia, and Han are now available as skins along with Luke's blue and green lightsabers. There's also an R2-D2 backbling, a miniature Millennium Falcon, and Luke's Landspeeder as a rideable vehicle. And of course, what would Star Wars be without an epic duel between Luke and Darth Vader at the center of the Island?

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