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We take a look at each card introduced in the Return To Naxxramas mini-set, Hearthstone's most recent addition to the Standard/Constructed version of the game. This comes as an addition to the March of The Lich King expansion, which added the new Death Knight class and a variety of new hybrid minions.

We've broken this card list down into each class' new cards, as well as the new legendaries & new Diamond cards that have been added as an aesthetic change.

Death Knight Cards




Frost Queen Sindragosa

Legendary Undead Dragon Minion – 7 Cost, 6/6

Colossal +2

After an enemy is Frozen, destroy it.

Sindragosa Wing

Colossal Card – 1 Cost, 2/1


Freeze any character damage by this minion.

Rimescale Siren

Common Undead Naga Minion, 3 Cost, 1 Frost Rune, 2/3

Battlecry: If you've cast three spells while holding this, Freeze 3 random enemy minions.

Construct Quarter

Rare Location, 3 Cost

Destroy a friendly minion to summon a 4/5 Undead with Rush.

Out of these cards, the only one we can see making its way into the Death Knight meta is Construct Quarter because it synergizes extremely well with the class hero power. Unfortunately, Frost Death Knight is already not an overly popular deck in the meta, and Sindragosa and Rimescale are not powerful enough cards to shift this.

Druid Cards




Life From Death

Rare Nature Spell, 6 Cost

Draw 3 cards

Infuse (6): This costs (1).


Rare 1 Cost Spell

Give your hero +2 Attack this turn. Deal damage equal to your hero's Attack to a minion.

Death Beetle

Common Undead Beast Minion, 6 Cost, 6/6


Manathirst (11): Gain +4/+4 and Charge.

There are some interesting Druid cards here: Death Beetle seems to fit perfectly into big Druid by providing yet another game-ending threat, although this does require you to line up your mana turns with the card. Life From Death is a great card if you manage to get it in your first hand, because drawing 3 cards for the cost of 1 mana is unreal.

Demon Hunter Cards




Felscale Evoker

Rare Demon Naga, 6 Cost, 5/7

Battlecry: If you've cast three spells while holding this, summon a different Demon from your deck.

Calamity's Grasp

Rare Weapon, 1 Cost

Deathrattle: Add a random Outcast card to your hand.

Shambling Chow

Common Undead, 1 Cost, 2/3


Deathrattle: Deal 4 damage to your hero.

Some pretty straightforward cards here. We like Calamity's Grasp for its random Outcast card, and we reckon that will perform very well in Arena…will it impact the Demon Hunter meta? Probably not, but it's a fun card nonetheless. Shambling Chow is a pretty regular card that might see some play in face Demon Hunter decks, and we don't see Felscale Evoker having much use.





Fathful Companions

7 Cost Spell

Discover a Beast from your deck and summon it.

Manathirst (10): Also summon a copy of it.

Trinket Tracker

Common Undead, 1 cost, 1/1

Battlecry: Draw a 1-cost spell.


2 Cost Secret

After your opponent plays a minion, summon four 1/1 Zombees to attack it.

Out of these, we like Trinket Tracker as a cheap way to set up some early game plays by drawing the spells you need to get started. Faithful Companions is something you probably want to play on turn 10, and then it can be pretty powerful by playing two massive Beasts. Zombees is a good secret for control Hunter and for face Hunter.






Rare Elemental Naga Minion, 3 Cost, 4/3

Battlecry: If you've cast a spell last turn, Discover an Elemental.

Spectral Trainee

Rare Undead Minion, 3 cost, 1/4

After you cast a spell, deal 1 damage to all enemy minions.

Tear Reality

Common Arcane Spell, 4 Cost

Add 2 random Mage spells from the past to your hand. They cost (2) less.

Both Tear Reality and Whirlweaver are fine cards because they generate new cards, but both have pretty awful cost to value ratio. The stats on Whirlweaver make it not so great, but it might be popular in Arena because Discover is really good at the moment.






Rare Shadow Spell, 4 Cost

Destroy a minion. Restore its Health to all friendly characters.

Mind Sear

Common Shadow Spell, 1 Cost

Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it dies, deal 3 damage to the enemy hero.

Rotting Necromancer

Common Undead Minion, 4 Cost, 5/4

Battlecry: Dredge. If it's an Undead, deal 5 damage to the enemy hero.

Undead Priest might get a boost with Rotting Necromancer, whereas we're not sure how Cannibalize and Mind Sear fit into the meta right now. Some sort of control Priest might get some use out of these cards & helping you to stay alive longer.





The Purator

Legendary Minion, 5 Cost, 4/6


Battlecry: If your deck has no Neutral cards, draw a minion of each minion type.


Rare Mech Dragon Minion, 4 Cost, 3/5


Battlecry: If you're holding a Mech, gain Windfury.

Knight of the Dead

Common Undead Minion, 3 Cost, 5/5

Battlecry: Deal 5 damage to your hero.

Manathirst (7): Restore 5 health your hero instead.

We can see there being some pretty fun deck archetypes that use The Purator to their advantage, even if they're not classically powerful. As for Knight Of The Dead, this is a high-tempo card that has pay-offs later in the game. We really like the flexibility that the new Manathirst mechanic brings to cards like this.





Stitched Creation

Rare Undead Minion, 3 Cost, 1/1

Combo: Gain +2/+2.

Infuse (2): Gain +3/+3.

Manathirst (8): Gain +4/+4

Jolly Roger

Common Undead Pirate, 1 Cost, 1/3

After your hero attacks, summon a 1/1 Undead Pirate.


Common Spell, 0 Cost

Deal 1 damage to a minion. If you've played a card from another class this turn, deal 4 instead.

Stitched Creation is one of our favorite cards from this entire set, mostly because it really demonstrates the flexibility of the fun mechanics like Combo, Infuse, and Manathirst. Having this flexiblity throughout the game to play this card with a variety of different power levels is an interesting step for Hearthstone, and one we hope to see repeated in the future.





Cold Storage

Rare Frost Spell, 1 Cost

Freeze a minion. Add a copy of it to your hand.

Frostfin Chomper

Rare Elemental Murloc, 3 Cost, 2/3

Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, summon three 1/1 Murlocs.

Blazing Transmutation

Common Fire Spell, 1 Cost

Choose a minion. Discover one that costs (1) more to transform it into.

Murlocs! Got to love Murlocs. However, it's really Cold Storage that has caught our attention out of these new Shaman cards. You can Freeze an enemy minion to yoink it, or use it to stack more minions on your side of the board. Another interesting and flexible card that could see some play, considering it's so cheap.





Training Session

Spell, 1 Cost

Discover a Taunt minion. If you play it this turn, repeat this.


Common Mech Pirate Minion, 3 Cost, 4/3

After your hero attacks, gain 4 Armor and draw a card.


Common Undead Minion, 6 Cost, 3/8


Battlecry: If you have 5 or more Armor, summon a copy of this.

Training Sessions is a great card, because you've got the flexibility to fill your board with multiple low-cost Taunt minions, or play a massive Taunt minion depending on your situation. This is great for Arena, but we're not sure what deck exactly this will fit into for Constructed.





Suspicious Peddler

Rare Undead Minion, 2 Cost, 2/3

Battlecry: Discover a 1-Cost card. If your opponent guesses your choice, they get a copy.

Nofin's Imp-ossible

Rare Spell, 2 Cost

Give all friendly Demons and Murlocs "Deathrattle: Summon a 2/2 Imploc."

Plague Eruption

Common Spell, 3 Cost

Deal 2 damage to all minions. If you've discarded a card this game, deal 1 more.

Nofin's Impossible is the stand-out card from this small selection of Warlock cards. More Murlocs, more good – that's what we say, sometimes. Zoolock is a classic Hearthstone deck, and we think this card could see some play there.





Rivendare, Warrider

Legendary Undead Minion, 6 Cost, 6/6

Deathrattle: Shuffle the other 3 Horsemen into your deck.

Blaumeaux, Faminerider

Legendary Undead Minion, 6 Cost


Deathrattle: If you had all four Horsemen die this game, destroy the enemy hero.

Korth'azz, Deathrider

Legendary Undead Minion, 6 Cost


Deathrattle: If you had all four Horsemen die this game, destroy the enemy hero.

Zeliek, Conquestrider

Legendary Undead Minion, 6 Cost


Deathrattle: If you had all four Horsemen die this game, destroy the enemy hero.

Thaddius, Monstrosity

Legendary Undead Minion, 10 Cost


Your odd-Cost cards cost (1). (Swaps polarity each turn!)


Rare All Minion, 1 Cost, 1/3

This has all minion types.

Darkfallen Shadow

Common Undead Minion, 3 Cost, 3/3


Manathirst (6): Gain Reborn.

Lost Exarch

Rare Undead Minion, 4 Cost, 5/4

Deathrattle: Spend all your Mana. Summon that many 2/2 Zombies with Rush.

Some more really fascinating cards from the Neutral selection, including the Rivendare horsemen – it's a bit of a gimmick, and is probably way too slow to actually see any play at all, but we do love the idea of pulling this game-ending combination off. Out of these, we've got to go with Mistake as our favorite card, because it's simple and fits into loads of decks and archetypes.

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