Every English SNES Manual Now Available Online Thanks To Archivist

Do you miss the days of opening a game box and flicking your fingers through the game's manual? Us too. Nowadays boxes just have those little sheets with codes to download some little freebies on them, not the hefty manuals of old. Well, Twitch streamer and archivist Peebs has taken matters into their own hands and uploaded digital scans of every English-language SNES manual online.

As spotted by VGC, Peebs has been on Twitch for the last eight years playing through every SNES game ever released. SOmething Peebs noticed while completing their journey was the lack of online resources available for these games, so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

With the help of almost 100 people on the internet submitting their own scans, Peebs has managed to compile the manuals for every English-language SNES game. The achieved this feat on Friday, July 1.

Peebs' website doesn't contain both PAL and NTSC versions of game manuals for every game, but that's just splitting hairs. Each game on the SNES now has a manual you can find online, right here.

They've also got complete archives of all English-language Virtual Boy and N64 manuals, so a lot of your Nintendo needs are covered. They're still working on Super Famicon manuals.

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