Evil Dead: The Game – 10 Best Weapons

Survivors in Evil Dead: The Game have a plethora of firearms, sharp objects, and assorted implements of destruction with which to fight back against the Kandarian Demon. Apart from the small number of characters who start with a weapon, most players' first priority is finding something – anything – with which to arm themselves.

We've spread the sheets and crunched the numbers, all to figure out which of Evil Dead's numerous weapons are the cream of the crop. If you find one of these marvelous mashers or singular shooters, be sure to grab it – or at least mark it for a teammate to get.

All weapons in Evil Dead: The Game come in four rarities, with Common being the weakest and Legendary being the most powerful.

A Legendary version of a bad weapon is still better than the Common version of a good one in most cases.

This list is based on each weapon's overall capabilities, assuming there is no difference in rarity.

This list also does not take into account Weapon Master traits of some characters, which makes them more proficient with a particular weapon type.

10 Machete

The Machete is a great all-round weapon. While its damage is on the weaker side, it's fast and has decent reach.

Its standout trait is its Dismemberment trait, which is higher than average compared to similar blades. If you find a Machete, it's generally worth taking to replace any weapon not on this list.

9 Blunderbuss

The Blunderbuss is comparable to the Hunting Rifle in every way except that it has a more limited ammo capacity. It's still a hard-hitting gun capable of taking down most basic Deadites in a single shot.

However, since it's easy to get caught empty with the Blunderbuss, it's best used by Warriors as a supplement to their melee weapon.

8 Nailed Bat

The Nailed Bat is slow, but that's true of most of the game's most powerful melee weapons. What it lacks in speed the Nailed Bat makes up for in reach, damage, and ability to knock foes off balance.

The only thing keeping it from a higher spot on this list is that its Dismemberment is lower than that of comparable weapons, which makes sense considering it's a blunt object.

7 Sawgun

This ridiculous gun is Hollywood schlock at its finest. If you want to remove enemy body parts with ease, the Sawgun is the way to go. It doesn't have the overall damage of some other ranged weapons on this list, but it does have a very good ammo capacity.

The Sawgun uses Special Ammo, which can be a little harder to find than Handgun or Long Gun Ammo, but on the bright side, you probably won't be competing for ammo packs with your teammates.

6 Chainsaw

Where would an Evil Dead game be without a chainsaw? Ash's signature weapon has it all – power, balance, and oh-so-satisfying finishing moves. Chainsaws are also more common on the map than other top-tier melee weapons, randomly seeded throughout rather than hiding in loot chests.

The major downside of the Chainsaw is that only Ash can use it. Depending on your team composition, though, that might not matter – it's possible to have a full squad of Ash clones, each of a different class!

5 Hunting Rifle

As its name suggests, the Hunting Rifle should be given to the team's Hunter. It will do the most good in their hands, as their skills will enhance its already-impressive range and power.

It's somewhat slow to fire and reload, so it's best for providing fire support from several yards away, but it boasts an unparalleled Dismemberment stat. If you're a master of the headshot, the Hunting Rifle is the weapon for you.

4 Sword

There's not a character in this game – not even mild-mannered Cheryl or silver-spoon baby Ed – who doesn't look like a total badass cleaving through the demonic horde with a medieval broadsword. The Sword is identical to the Chainsaw but boasts a slightly longer reach, making it an upgrade even for Ash.

The Sword is especially satisfying to wield against the Necromancer's skeletal troops, and should be a priority grab every time it shows appears.

3 Double-Barrel

You know you want to say the line. The other half of the Ash Williams Zombie-Slaying Starter Pack is perfect for stopping nearly any foe dead in their tracks – literally. It's all but guaranteed to drop basic Deadites at close range, and can even kill several if fired into a large cluster of the undead. The Double-Barrel also does great work wearing down Elites and Bosses, and lets you do so from just outside melee range.

Be warned that if you're using a Double-Barrel (or any high-powered weapon) it's imperative that you keep your Fear under control. The last thing your team needs is for someone with the almighty Boomstick to get possessed.

2 Lumberjack Axe

If the Sword is an improvement over the Chainsaw, the Lumberjack Axe is an improvement over the Sword. Once again, it's largely identical to its top-tier melee brethren, but its ever-so-slightly longer reach makes it the best melee weapon in the game.

Sure, it might be a bit cumbersome, but its heavy attack is on the same level as some firearms damage-wise. As any Survivor, particularly a melee-focused Warrior, make like a lumberjack and you'll be okay.

1 Shotgun

The Double-Barrel may be iconic, but the single-barreled variant is at the top of the heap when it comes to Evil Dead's arsenal. Highest damage in the game? Check. Great range? Yup. Best weapon for knocking enemies off-balance? Absolutely.

The only disadvantage to the Shotgun is its slow rate of fire and reload speed, but with a frighteningly good ammo capacity of five (just one less than the Sawgun) that drawback is easily managed. There's no better weapon to be found as you search for a way to seal the infernal breach.

Hail to the King, baby.

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