Evil Dead: The Game – 7 Pro Tips For Playing As A Survivor

Survivors are the protagonists of Evil Dead: The Game. As a Survivor, you'll join a team of three other players in an attempt to banish the Kandarian Demon terrorizing the area. If the group doesn't work together, they will fail – either by letting the timer run out or by falling in battle against the forces of evil.

A single Survivor who knows what they're doing can rescue a match that's going poorly, sometimes even snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. By following these tips, you'll become a better player and a better teammate, resulting in more match wins.

7 Sharing Is Caring

Just because you found an item doesn't mean you should take it for yourself right away. Always consider whether a new find would be better served in the hands of another player. For example, if you find a can of Shemp's Cola and already have one in reserve, take a quick peek at your team's Health. If someone else is in rough shape, mark the Shemp's for them and let them have it.

The same goes for weapons – a snazzy Epic Meat Hammer is great for anyone, but it will be best in the hands of a Warrior, or Kelly who gets a bonus with that weapon type. Consider the needs of the team, and you'll be better-equipped to face the darkness.

6 Mark The Map

Placing markers is essential for quickly locating the three Map Pieces. This first objective can be the hardest for new players, since the team is only given a hint as to which area to search. By marking the noted location, you can give players unfamiliar with the map a much-needed waypoint and reduce unnecessary running around.

Since it's not immediately intuitive, here's how to open the map in Evil Dead: The Game – press the Back Button on an XBox controller or the Touchpad on a PlayStation controller to open the menu. Once there, press RT (XBox) or R2 (PlayStation) to switch to the map.

If you're playing with a mouse and keyboard, the map can be brought up simply by pressing M.

5 The Timer Stops Before The Final Ritual

At the beginning of a match, the Survivors have a limited amount of time to collect the Lost Pages and the Kandarian Dagger. Failure to do so before the clock runs out results in a victory for the Demon. However, once the artifacts are in the Survivors' hands the timer goes away, giving them time to prepare before the final battle.

Just because you're no longer on a time limit doesn't mean you can dawdle, though. The Demon will continue leveling up the longer you wait, so aside from making sure everyone is healed up and maybe ransacking one last building you should plan to head straight for the Dark Ones and finish the match.

4 Beat Up Your Possessed Teammates

We've all been there – one minute Scotty's cracking his usual jokes, the next minute his eyes have rolled into the back of his head and he's screaming about how he's going to swallow your soul. A Survivor whose Fear gets out of control can be possessed by the Demon, forcing them to waste ammo, leave the group, or attack their teammates.

A possessed Survivor will glow bright red, so there's never any question about who's driving. Attacking a possessed teammate is the quickest way to drive the Demon out, as damage dealt to the Survivor will transfer to the Demon. Quickly exorcising a possessed teammate can even be beneficial in the long run, as afterward the Demon will be low on Infernal Energy and be forced to give you a reprieve while they recharge.

3 Survivors Can Be Resurrected

Ideally, if a Survivor is taken down by the demonic hordes a teammate can revive them before they bleed to death. That doesn't always pan out, though – a clever Demon will do everything they can to ensure the Survivor's demise. Death isn't the end for Survivors, though!

If a Survivor reaches a teammate's corpse, they can collect their soul and bring it to a nearby ritual altar (the round icons on the minimap). Once there, the soul carrier can perform a ritual to resurrect their teammate. The ritual takes time, so the rest of the Survivors will need to protect the soul carrier and prevent the ritual from being interrupted.

2 Know When To Use Your Character's Ability

Each character has a unique ability that can provide significant advantages. These abilities should be used as often as makes sense. They have a lengthy cooldown, so you'll always want to be sure that you use your ability when it will do the most good.

For example, the Support version of Ash (from the original Evil Dead movie) can reduce the Fear of all nearby Survivors with his ability. That's plainly useful, but is better for keeping teammates from going over the edge than it is for reducing one character's moderate Fear to zero. If a house or a bonfire is nearby, the team is better off simply using that and saving Ash's ability for when it's really needed.

1 Divide And Conquer Against The Dark Ones

The final step before activating the Necronomicon is to use the Kandarian Dagger to destroy the Dark Ones guarding it. Each player can simultaneously use the dagger to damage the Dark Ones, but somebody needs to keep a lookout for Deadites – the Demon will be coming in with guns blazing any second.

Try to have Leaders and Hunters attack the Dark Ones while Warriors and Supports battle the oncoming horde. Group around the party's Leader for their aura effect, and watch out for the Dark Ones' fireballs. This takes slightly longer than having the whole team blasting away at the hooded figures, but it is much safer as it prevents the Demon from making too much progress before the final battle.

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