Evil Genius 2 World Domination: Guide To Vulkan And DX 12 Differences

When you open Evil Genius 2: World Domination, you’ll be asked to make a choice: Vulkan or DX12? Whether you know they are APIs but don’t know the difference, or if you thought Vulkan was just a misspelling of the alien race from Star Trek, this short guide will help.

We take a look at both Vulkan and DX12, which is shorthand for DirectX 12, and the advantages and disadvantages of each setting, so you can make an informed choice.

What Is An API?

Vulkan and DirectX are both APIs, which stands for Application Programming Interface. An API basically acts as a communication bridge between different pieces of software such as games, drivers, and operating systems. APIs are important as they provide a consistent and unified interface, allowing software to interact with each other.

In terms of gaming, the API essentially opens a set of doors to allow Evil Genius 2 to communicate with your PC’s graphics card, CPU, and other hardware. The two different API choices provide similar end results but achieve them in different ways.

What Is Vulkan?

Vulkan is developed by non-profit The Khronos Group and is based on the Mantle API which was created and donated by AMD (the processor manufacturer) and DICE (the studio that makes Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront). It was designed to work across both desktop and mobile devices as well as on multiple operating systems.

In technical terms, Vulkan is said to offer lower CPU usage and increased GPU control, alongside unified kernel and shader management. In simpler terms, Vulkan focuses on reducing the load on your machine by spreading information more evenly and uniformly between the processor and graphics card.

What Is DX12?

DirectX 12 is the API most people will be familiar with. This is because it is developed by Microsoft and has been around since 1995. It’s the default standard for all Microsoft PCs, consoles, and games.

Direct X is a combination of multiple APIs for specific tasks all bundled together to make one unified interface. Over the years DX12 has been continually improved and is widely tested with both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

Evil Genius 2 – Vulkan Or DX12?

If you have an older machine, you may find Vulkan works better due to the reduction of pressure on the CPU. However, if you have a higher-end machine you may find DX12 more reliable since it often allows you to push your graphics card and FPS higher. Here’s a quick rundown of the basic differences:


  • Developed By non-profit Khronos Group Ltd.
  • Derived from AMD and DICE’s Mantle API, which was originally released in 2013.
  • Designed to reduce CPU usage.
  • Reported to give a smoother experience on older machines.
  • Intended as an alternative to DX12.


  • Developed by Microsoft.
  • First released back in 1995.
  • Comprises multiple specific APIs bundled together.
  • Widely tested and used.
  • Reported to allow higher FPS and graphics settings in high-spec machines.

How To Swap Between Vulkan And DX12

Each time you start Evil Genius 2 you’ll be offered the choice of Vulkan or DX12 in the mini start-up options menu. This means that if you’re unsure, you can simply play for a while with each setting and see which you prefer. After all, a quick save and restart is all you need to change to the alternative.

Neither setting requires any additional installation and for the majority of gamers, the difference is likely to be minor. It will really come down to personal choice. There is no wrong choice and whichever button you choose will quickly allow you to board the helicopter to your new island and begin your plans for world domination.

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