Facebook Releases Beta Fix For Oculus Rift Stuttering Issue

An apparent fix for the widely reported Oculus Rift performance issues introduced by the December update has been released on the Public Test Channel.

The issue was seemingly introduced in December’s v12 update. Reports emerged on Reddit and the Oculus forums over the past month. The reports described stuttering, judder, frame drops and other issues in a wide variety of VR games. These issues are more critical in VR than on a monitor because the positional inaccuracy they introduce makes many people feel sick. This is due to a disconnect between what the inner ear feels and what the eyes see.

The Oculus PC software does not offer the ability to roll back versions and has automatic updates. This leaves users unable to easily solve problems introduced in software updates.

Two weeks ago a Facebook representative on Reddit made a post about the issue, asking users to submit bug reports with system information attached. This is not something Facebook commonly does for reported issues. This request does seem to have been fruitful though, as on Monday Facebook stated that due to these reports, it had been able to reproduce the issue and would work on a fix.

That fix has now rolled out to the Public Test Channel (PTC)- Facebook’s name for the testing branch of the Oculus Rift software. To opt into the PTC, navigate to the Beta tab of the Settings of the Oculus PC app.

Unfortunately, the Public Test Channel currently doesn’t support Oculus Link- the feature which lets the Oculus Quest act as a PC VR headset via a USB 3.0 cable. That means that Quest users experiencing this stuttering won’t have a fix until the Public Test Channel build rolls out to the stable channel.

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