Fallen Legion Revenants – How To Defeat Drakina

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You know things are getting spicy in an RPG when your band of ner-do-wells go from killing zombies to facing off against literal gods. Normally this kind of battle is reserved for the last boss, but Fallen Legion Revenants is perfectly fine throwing this kind of battle at you at the mid-way point. It is as ludicrous as it is awesome.

Drakina, as is to be expected, is not an enemy you should underestimate. Drakina is the Goddess of Mercy, and frankly, we think that title is wrongly bestowed. Considering how much damage she deals, the fact she has a big stonking sword, and not to mention her love of human sacrifice – something isn’t right here.

Drakina’s Attacks

Drakina, as is fitting for a God, has a lot of attacks, and her damage is pretty darn high. Not only that, but her defences are also fantastic, making her pretty hard to kill in general.

Two-Hit Ranged ComboDrakina fires a small projectile and then follows this up with a large, fast-moving one that deals more damage.This ranged combo is a pain to deal with. The first attack is your standard ranged attack, however, the second one moves surprisingly quickly and can catch you off guard with its tight Parry window.
Two-Hit Sword ComboDrakina moves into range, swings her sword once, and then quickly combos this into a second swing dealing heavy damage.Like with the ranged attack, Drakina’s first swing is pretty easy to Parry, however, her second swing has a quick start-up and awkward timing, making it surprisingly difficult to Parry. If you Parry them both, you can launch a counterattack.
Divine ImpulseWhen recovering from a Stagger/Rushdown Attack, Drakina will unleash a shockwave that deals damage to all Exemplars.This attack can be Parried, but we found it rather finicky in practice. Thankfully, the damage is rather low, so taking the hit is not a big deal.
Element ChangeDrakina imbues her attacks with Shock/Frost/Burn damage. This also changes her resistance.Drakina will use this attack frequently, and every time she does, her resistances change too. You will want to rotate your party to put an Exemplar who is resistant to Drakina’s current damage type at the front of your team.
Hallowed WingDrakina buffs her defences drastically.This buff is substantial, decreasing the damage you will inflict on Drakina, almost to the point of chip damage. To counter this, you either need to Stagger her, which will cancel the buff, or you need to create a Frail tile on her side of the field and force her onto it. This will cancel out her buff.
Flare RuptureFlare Rupture is Drakina’s strongest attack. After a brief charge, Drakina will unleash a powerful, multi-hitting explosion that covers two tiles in all directions.This attack is devastating if it lands as it does enough damage to almost instantly kill an Exemplar. Thankfully you can avoid its damage by staying at the back of the arena. Do not attack with melee Exemplar when Drakina is charging this attack.

Drakina's Mechanics

Drakina doesn’t really have many mechanics that are unique to her. She is simply a powerful fighter who can deal a lot of damage very quickly and is packing a bunch of awkward attacks. There is one aspect of this fight that is very unique, however, and that is the unspoken timer that is ticking down during this fight.

At the bottom of your screen (easily missed since you are focused on Drakina) is a green bar. If this bar empties, the fight immediately ends. This is not a failure state, it is simply an optional progression path. Interestingly, failing to defeat her makes future encounters with her easier, as the Librarian will give you items that weaken Drakina.

If you defeat Drakina before this timer runs out, you are rewarded with equipment and progression items that will unlock bonuses in the following chapter. You also skip the next stage entirely. You won’t get the option to craft a potion to weaken Drakina, however.

Defeating Drakina in the time limit is very difficult on your first attempt as you likely won’t have the knack for the fight, and your DPS won’t be high enough to burn through all three of her phases.

Which Exemplars To Use

We found having a varied party was the best way to go. Drakina can change her element, so being able to rotate our party to resist her damage worked well. That being said, since Drakina is a fairly straightforward boss, most Exemplars can do great work in this fight.

If you are trying to defeat Drakina before the timer runs out, then consider Exemplars that can buff your party and debuff Drakina. Orion and Solomon are great picks for this if you have the correct Deathblows. We also found that Jacquine was excellent at dealing BP damage with her Kraken Breaker Deathblow.

Battle Strategy

Failing To Defeat Drakina

Simply stay defensive and wait out the timer. This is a valid progression path, and you can always replay the Chapter to try and take her down before you run out of time.

Defeating Drakina

Phase One

Phase one is incredibly simple. Drakina doesn’t have access to her full arsenal of attacks, and will usually just cycle between shooting you and trying to cut you with her sword. You can drain all of Drakina’s BP with a couple of Kraken Breakers from Jacquine, allowing you to use Rushdown to restore your Mana.

Repeat this and phase one will end before she gets a chance to react.

Phase Two

This phase is noticeably more difficult as Drakina has more HP, more BP, and is more aggressive. Not only that, but she unlocks most of her attacks in this phase, minus Flare Rupture. She will also start this phase by using Divine Impulse, so be prepared to block.

Jacquine is still excellent in this phase as her Kraken Breaker will still take chunks out of Drakina’s BP – but you won’t be able to fully deplete it with your available AP. Mix this with some parries and basic attacks after she uses her ranged and sword attacks to keep her BP from regenerating.

If Drakina uses Hallowed Wing, then she becomes much harder to deal with as her defences skyrocket. Use Frail to counter this effect, and then continue to beat her down.

Phase Three

Phase three is very much like phase two, only now Drakina will use Flare Rupture. Whenever you see Drakina charging up a spell, make sure you are as far away as you can be, and stick to ranged attacks. This attack can remove an Exemplar almost instantly if they get caught in it.

Other than that, rinse and repeat. Do bear in mind that Drakina will use Hallowed Wing more often in this phase, even going as far as starting the phase with it active. Not only that, but Drakina has even more HP and BP in this phase, making her difficult to take down. This will be the phase that determines whether or not you have the DPS you defeat Drakina before the timer runs out.

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