Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Terrify The Wasteland As Giant Bee

If you've been to the Drumlin Diner in Fallout 4, you'll know it has a terrifying Jollibee-like mascot beckoning you in—a bumblebee in a suit with big yellow boots. Haunting. But now you can wear that outfit yourself, terrifying the Capital Wasteland as a gunslinging, expressionless bee.

It's very Purge which is fitting given the anarchy of Bethesda's post-apocalyptic setting, but you won't scare away any NPCs wearing it. Somehow. Go talk to Piper, and you'll still be able to romance her, all with a giant bee's head—people really are desensitized to it all in Fallout.

The mod, Happy Bee Mascot Outfit and Head, comes from JustReddz: "You can now wear this merry giant red and yellow bee, found in the lovely Drumlin Diner," they write. "It's not perfect—there are some stretching [issues] here and there, especially on the upper arms and armpit, but if you can fix it, please reach out to me. I have been wracking my head around it."

We're led to believe that the Drumlin Diner is a chain, not too dissimilar to Red Rocket, but this is the only one we find in the game. And when we arrive, we stumble on an altercation between a Jet-addicted Patrick who can't pay Wolfgang off. So he pushes Trudy to fork up, but she refuses. In steps us, the Sole Survivor.

Kill Wolfgang or Trudy, sort it amicably with charisma, or grab the new bee costume and shoot 'em all, run off into the sunset, and find another diner to call home? The choice is yours, but don't forget your new bee outfit. That's the most important bit.

In other Fallout modding news, one New Vegas modder has developed a hardcore mode that gives you one HP, no leveling, no quest markers, and more. If you fancy ruining any good memories you hold dear, you can download it and get stuck into the masochistic hell of AVeryUncreativeUsername's world.

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