Fallout 76 Hack A Terminal – Terminal Locations And Levels

Some of the toughest parts about life in the wastelands of Fallout 76 aren’t the radioactive mutants, deadly robots, or even the bugs (literal or otherwise). No, what is truly difficult is getting a daily quest to hack a terminal but not knowing where to find one, or where to find one at a level you can actually hack. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of terminals you can hack no matter how low of a level you’re looking for.

Daily quests in Fallout 76 are meant to be quick, easy to accomplish tasks that give a nice reward and incentive to come back every day. However, there are a select few that no one wants to complete when they pop up. Finding a terminal to hack might be the least liked daily in the game, whether it be because terminals can be a pain to find, or because you need to find one of a specific level to be able to hack it depending on if you have the Hacker perk or not.

Where To Find Terminals To Hack In Fallout 76

Terminal levels range from zero up to three, with only level zero being accessible without investing in the Hacker perk. Getting the Hacker perk will allow you to hack level one terminals, but to hack level two and three terminals you need the Expert Hacker and Master Hacker cards equipped respectively.

Level Zero Terminal Locations

In the main building of Camp Mclintock, up the stairs.

Inside the General Managers Office at The Whitesprings Resort.

Go into the Control Tower at Wade Airport.

Within the basement Area of Morgantown Airport.

Storage room controls also at Morgantown Airport.

At the entrance to Abbie’s Bunker at Mire.

There are two at Harper’s Ferry Armorer at Harper’s Ferry. Be warned that reaching this terminal requires jumping into the compound and either avoiding or killing level 40 mrk VII turrets.

The Receptionist’s Terminal of Poseidon Energy Plant.

Also in Poseidon Energy Plant, the Fuel Storage room Terminal.

Lighthouse Keeper’s Terminal found in the Landview Lighthouse keeper’s home.

 At Garrahan Mining Headquarters, go through the door, turn right and follow the monorail tunnel all the way to the end.

Again at Garrahan Mining Headquarters, found on the opposite side of the security door you just hacked through above.

Finally hack the CEO’s Terminal at the Garranhan Mining Headquarters.

The Manager’s Terminal at The General’s Steakhouse.

Manager Smith’s Terminal at Mama Dolce’s Food Processing.

Macfadden’s Terminal found in the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center.

Level One Terminal Locations

Fujiniya Intelligence Base, go under Mama Dolce’s, through the hatch and turn right.

Also in the Fujiniya Intelligence Base, go down the three flights of stairs and find it next to a locked caged.

The Supervisor’s Terminal at Dryer Chemical. Go to the right of the complex inside the building with the two chimney’s and the sign.

Maintenance Terminal at the Red Rocket Mega Stop.

Head up to the 2nd floor of Sals Grinder’s in Beckley.

Security terminal – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo]

Mainframe Access Terminal – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo]

Maintenance Office Terminal – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo]

Guest terminal in Room two of the Sunnytop Ski Lanes.

Inside the shed just north of Flooded Trainyard.

In the Train Tickets building at New Appalachian Central Trainyard.

Inside the Watoga Civic Center.

Level Two Terminal Locations

The Watoga Transit Hub terminal.

The engineer’s terminal at Watoga Emergancy Services.

The Manager’s Terminal inside Appalachian Antiques near Watoga.

Headmaster of Watoga High School’s Terminal.

Cafe Terminal in the Drumlin Diner, Watoga.

The Ranger’s Station terminal in Cranberry Bog.

Security Station Terminal – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo].

Mainframe Terminal – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo].

Mainframe Access Terminal x 2 – In very close proximity of each other: [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo].

The Admin Office terminal of the Garrahan Minning Headquarters.

The Train Watchtower terminal at the Flooded Trainyard. Be aware that Dusky & Glowing Yao Gui’s inhabit the area, which are levels 66 and 76 respectively.

Foreman’s Terminal in Kerwood Mine. This terminal requires the Kerwood mine key to access.

The Fort Defiance terminal. This one requires access to the BOS area behind the laser grid.

Mining Supervisors Terminal in the Monogah Mine.

Level Three Terminal Locations

Foyer Terminal – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo].

Monitoring Station – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo].

Security Command Terminal – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo].

Mainframe Access Terminal – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo].

Security Station Terminal – [Alpha, Bravo & Charlie – Silo].

Gun Range Terminal found on the third floor of the Gerrahan Estate.

While there are certainly more terminals out there in the wastelands of Fallout 76, these should be enough to get you through any hacking related quests you may have no matter what level you’re at.

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