Fallout New Vegas: The Quickest Route to Benny

After Microsoft’s monolith deal to acquire Bethesda, Fallout: New Vegas has arrived on Xbox Game Pass. It is one of twenty games from their catalog to join the service recently, and arguably one of the best Fallout games.

The opening cutscene of Fallout: New Vegas portrays the player character, known as the Courier, being shot in the head by a ruthless mobster named Benny. This is a catalyst for the entire first half of the game. You must track down Benny and deal the revenge that he deserves. Usually, this adventure would take you up to roughly level 15, but eager players can bypass most of this content, skipping directly to Benny. If you are careful, you can get there as early as level 2. Although you may miss some of the most memorable locations in New Vegas, you will gain access to the Strip from the start of the game. Here’s the quickest route to Benny and the New Vegas Strip in Fallout: New Vegas.


When the game begins, you are in Goodsprings after your nearly fatal encounter with Benny. The residents will be at war with a local group of Powder Gangers, a gang of escaped convicts. Ignore this side quest and instead ask how to get to Primm.

If you do meet Ringo in the abandoned gas station on the Goodsprings hill, do not go along the marked path. It is extremely dangerous and teeming with Cazadores, a poisonous flying bug.

Leave Goodsprings along the safer highway (as directed by the Goodsprings residents). You should continue until you discover Jean Sky Diving, an abandoned Sky Diving admin office.

Here, you will encounter more Powder Gangers. As you didn’t attack the Powder Gangers earlier, you should be able to walk straight by these without an issue. Turn right at the Sky Dive building and walk towards the big rollercoaster in the distance. That’s Primm.


There’s a highway that goes straight to Primm, but you might encounter some Radroaches and Geckos. These are fairly easy to kill, especially if you have the Varmint Rifle from Sunny, as she gives you plenty of ammo. Dispatch any enemies and continue heading towards Primm.

As you arrive, an NCR Ranger will approach you and warn you that the town is a dangerous place. Luckily, you won’t be staying long. Turn right from the Ranger and follow the path around to find an NCR base on the outskirts of Primm.

At the end of this path, you’ll see two tents. One belongs to Lieutenant Hayes, whilst the other is a generic NCR tent. Enter the second tent and look for an armor case inside. This contains two sets of NCR armor, along with some NCR helmets. Take one of each, equip them, and fast travel back to Jean Sky Diving.


Once you spawn in, head to the left from the Sky Dive office. Going this way will lead you to Sloan, a small mining camp that will warn you of the dangers ahead.

There are packs of Deathclaws, Fallout’s most notorious beast, roaming the entire path from here to the Strip. Deathclaws are the most elite enemies across Fallout lore. If they spot you this early in New Vegas, you will undoubtedly die.

If you want to make it to The Strip early, you need to follow a very specific path.

Black Mountain

From Sloan, hug the right side of the path and quickly jump up to Black Mountain. Once up on the ridge, follow it around, ideally staying crouched so that you don’t attract any Deathclaws.

This mountain is home to Bark Scorpions, which can be manageable. However, they often travel in packs, so be very careful not to attract unwanted attention. There is also a Deathclaw Alpha Male, one of the strongest enemies in New Vegas, roaming around so stay crouched as much as you can.

Continue along the ridge, avoiding the burning pit to the right. This is home to a large group of Super Mutants, which will make quick work of an unequipped Courier such as yourself. Stay crouched as you continue around this ledge and make your way towards Neil’s Shack, a marked location.

Here, a friendly Super Mutant named Neil will again warn you, as so many others have, that this path is dangerous. If you continue just a short while longer, you will see New Vegas’ Strip shining bright in the distance.

Continue to move along the edge of the mountain until you see the building pictured above in the distance. You need to hop off the mountain at a safe point, avoiding any Deathclaws roaming below, and walk to the REPCONN Headquarters.

Vegas Ruins

You will find that the outskirts of the Strip are filled with derelict buildings and an evil faction called Fiends. These are essentially Raiders armed with Laser and Plasma weapons.

Keep an eye on your Pip Boy map. You need to find the entrance to Camp McCarran, an NCR base on the outskirts of the Strip. There shouldn’t be many enemies around, so you’re on the home stretch now. Compare your map to the image above until you find Camp McCarran, and then move towards the NCR base.

Camp McCarran

Once you arrive at Camp McCarran, make sure that you equip the NCR armor that you found in Primm. Enter the camp and go to the large Terminal building. Once inside, turn left and continue to the Monorail.

With the NCR armor equipped, you will be disguised as a member of the army. This allows you to take this Monorail straight into The Strip, which is the quickest route in. Hop on the Monorail to travel to the Strip.

The Strip

Welcome to the Strip, New Vegas’ main hub. Head down the steps and look for the nearby Tops Casino. Head inside, hand over your weapons, and you’ll see Benny walk down the stairs right in front of you.

There are glitches you can use to get there even faster, but this is the easiest way for those wanting a shortcut whilst playing the game as intended. This method should take you about an hour, if done right.

That’s the quickest route to Benny and the Strip in Fallout: New Vegas. Although this shortcut does skip a lot of content, you can still follow the usual path from Primm to Novac and explore the rest of the Mojave at your own leisure afterwards. Instead of focusing on finding your attempted killer though, you can relax and take on some great quests in the New Vegas desert.

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