Farm Together Gets Local Co-Op In New Update

Farm Together’s new update comes out on console today exclusively on Xbox One (these changes are already in the PC version), and adds in local co-op for up to four players. While split-screen is the largest new addition in this update, it also comes with a slew of new items for your farm and general bug fixes. According to the developer post on Reddit, the game is getting these new items:

  • House decorations: Wall partition, big Speaker
  • 4 New Clothings
  • New boy piercing and earrings
  • Monocle glasses
  • 3 New Rock, Paper, Scissors emotes
  • New dirt ground tile
  • New fish: Perch, Sea Bream, and Snapper
  • New flowers: Green Tea, Purple Daffodil
  • New building: Farmhands Union

And these bug fixes:

  • Fixed photo mode showing enqueued move/recycle tiles
  • Should have fixed players stuck in place when joining their own farm after leaving another one.
  • Fixed “Quests” permissions level not working properly.
  • Fixed being unable to see pet/tractor customization items from other players if you didn’t have them unlocked.
  • Fixed being unable to control the pause menu with a controller if pausing while moving down-right.
  • Fixed time not advancing at the proper pace (depending on the framerate, seasons would take 5-20 seconds longer than expected).
  • Fixed House/Farm Shop windows breaking when quickly hitting the cancel/open shop buttons.

Farm Together is a surprisingly fun and relaxing game to play with your friends, so split-screen co-op is a welcome addition. There’s still no word yet on when these updates will find their way to the PlayStation 4 or Switch versions of the game.

[Source: Reddit]

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