FIFA 2020: New Features Wishlist – Will EA Make These Changes?

Death, taxes, and FIFA’s annual release schedule are all that you can count on these days – and while we don’t know whether this year’s entry in the long-running football franchise will be named FIFA 20 or FIFA 2020, it’s a safe bet that it’s coming.

While the game sells millions every year, we made a list of all of the features that we’d love to see EA Sports implement this year.

1) Ultimate Team

EA’s big money-maker, Ultimate Team is a huge part of the FIFA franchise. 

While new Legends seem a safe bet to arrive in the next title, there’s plenty we’d like to see.

For one, custom kits would be great – it always feels strange to wear another team’s jersey when constructing your dream team.

We’d also love the option to view more of our players’ stats in the menus other than simple goal and assist tallies. It’d be a small touch, but we’d like to compare our midfield maestros to work out which has the better passing stats, for example.

The big request would be to have a sort of “Online Ultimate Team Career Mode” which you can play with friends. Battle your way through a league season, go for silverware, and try and build your roster while doing it. It’s a big ask, but you never know.

2) Player Career

On the subject of career modes, FIFA 19’s was disappointingly lacklustre and offered little to nothing new. 

Our wishlist would include first and foremost the option for your player to appear from the bench, rather than being in the squad or out of it. We like the idea of appearing from the bench to score a late winner, for example or being subbed on to help defensively to grind out a win. 

Position changes would also be welcome. If your player begins their career as a central midfielder, it would be nice to get a run of fixtures in an attacking midfield position, for example.

Changing clubs when in Player Career needs a big overhaul too. At present, you have to request a transfer and, provided your value isn’t needlessly exorbitant and your manager accepts your request, you can be approached by seemingly random clubs. It would be nice to see some more structure to the transfer process.

3) Player-Manager

Last seen in FIFA 12, creating a player-manager was a great addition. Being able to play as your created player while also making tactical decisions meant you could play to your ego and make yourself “unbenchable”.

It also meant you could try your centre forward as a winger, centre half, or even goalkeeper. Bring it back, EA.

4) Manager Career

Of course, for many the allure of career mode is being the man with the suit/tracksuit, making the big decisions. We have some thoughts on how to improve the mode.

Firstly, we’d like to see the young sixteen-year-old centre half we plucked from the lower leagues to bulk up a little. While players stats improve, their measurements don’t at the moment, and that’s something that needs fixing.

We’d also like to see some Ultimate Team influence by adding some kind of team chemistry. A new player for your team will need time to acclimatize to their teammates and tactical setup in real life, so we’d love to see players get a slight boost to their stats after a couple of matches.

A huge request we’ve had for years is for managers at other clubs to be sacked or change clubs as in real life. At present, FIFA career mode managers can remain at a club indefinitely – unless it’s you of course.

Finally, give us the opportunity to give team talks – let us berate our centre half for a brain fart, or lend some support to our striker who’s on a poor run of form. 

5) Everything Else

You can’t have too much of a good thing, and we’d love for more options within FIFA 2020.

More player faces, leagues, stadia, and player and manager customisation options would be the icing on a cake.

So there you have it, some of our most requested features for the next FIFA. Are we asking for a lot? Probably, but we’ll find out how many of our dreams come true in June.

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