FIFA 22 Web App release date: What time does the FIFA web app come out?

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The FIFA 22 Web App release date is traditionally the official build-up to EA Sports’ annual games release.

Offering the latest features and earliest opportunity to share your FUT team, Ultimate Team fans are eager to get the ball rolling again.

Things aren’t changing dramatically from last year, but there will still be plenty of stuff to check out this week as the FIFA Web App goes live.

Fans will be expecting a few server issues and perhaps a delay between the Companion App and Web App releasing to fans.

This is mainly down to the sheer popularity of the Web App release date, with many fans having already pre-ordered and now waiting for the FIFA 22 early access period to begin.

Like in the past, the FIFA 22 Web App will make it possible to control your FUT team outside of the game.

It traditionally arrives before the full game is released, meaning you can start building your Ultimate Team early outside of FIFA 22.

It will boast the usual features, including being able to name your team, select kits and stadiums, claim daily rewards and complete challenges.

But the most significant features are opening FUT Packs and checking out the new trading system, an area of the game which is crucial to getting a good start in FUT.

However, it should be noted that some features will remain locked until the early access period begins on consoles.

FIFA 22 will be available for everyone to play regardless of pre-ordering bonuses, on October 1, 2021.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team trailer from EA Sports


The FIFA 22 Web App release date has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 22, 2021, and will be available before the end of the day in the UK.

A message on the official FIFA site adds: “The FUT Web App and other FIFA Web features are down for maintenance while we prepare for FIFA 22. The new web app launches on September 22nd.”

Knowing when exactly FIFA fans will be able to access the Web App is trickier to predict, as there can be huge delays on the day of release.

But based on previous years, we would expect the FIFA Web App to launch after 6pm BST.

The Companion App is also expected to arrive around the same time but as this will require a patch to access, there could be a longer wait.

We would suggest trying to use the Web App first, as this might prove to be the most stable platform.

And below are some of the new features being promised for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team when it does go live:


Advance through a new competitive structure in Divison Rivals – your chance to take on the FUT Community online. Win matches to progress through new stages, ranks, and divisions on your way to better weekly rewards. Stay at the right level for your skill with checkpoints and accelerate your progress with win streaks that get you further, faster. Division resets at the end of each Season in FUT 22 determine where you start your next Division Rivals journey.


Get rewarded for your performance each week and Season in FUT 22. Winning matches each week will increase your rank within a division and qualify you for better weekly rewards, while every match you play counts towards seasonal milestones – with the end of season rewards based on the number of matches you play, regardless of wins or losses.

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