FIFA 23 World Cup Ultimate Team Packs Cause Major Server Issues

With just over a week until the World Cup kicks off, FIFA 23 has started rolling out its promotional items for the tournament. Unfortunately, that means a whole lot of new cards and systems are hitting the game at once, and just like pretty much every FIFA player out there predicted, the game's servers haven't taken the updates well. If you're having some FIFA troubles right now, you're not the only one.

Across social media, FIFA 23 players have been reporting a wide range of server issues, likely caused by the game's World Cup promo and corresponding Ultimate Team packs. They don't seem to have impacted everyone, but there is a wide range of issues being reported, such as players being unable to claim their Champs rewards after matches, players getting kicked out of matches, and some can't even access the store at all.

The official EA Sports FIFA Twitter account hasn't yet acknowledged any problems with the servers, so we don't really have an ETA on when they'll get better. It's probably best right now to avoid the online side of FIFA 23 altogether at the moment. EA will likely get the servers sorted out within the next few hours, so go and play a few games with your neglected Career Mode squad.

In other FIFA 23-related news, when you finally do get into one of the new World Cup modes, you'll be pleased to discover that EA has managed to sort out a brand new soundtrack made up of all the most popular songs from across the franchise. If you've played FIFA for any length of time, you'll be able to recognize several iconic songs when you boot up FIFA 23, including Song 2 by Blur, Jerk It Out by The Caesars, and MGMT's Kids. Not a bad lineup of tunes at all, that is if we could all get into a match at the moment.

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