Final Fantasy 14’s Marathon Livestream Delayed, But News Broadcast Will Continue

Square Enix has canceled Final Fantasy 14’s seventh 14-hour broadcast in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The separate new information presentation will continue live as planned on February 6 but without an audience.

Back in November, Square Enix announced it would host its 7th 14-hour livesteam for Final Fantasy 14. These streams have become pretty beloved events by the community and usually include interviews, community streams, PVP broadcasts, and of course, special appearances from director and producer Naoki Yoshida.

While the livestream events have been postponed, for now, you can still look forward to that special broadcast from Yoshida’s team. The news portion was also set to have an audience at the show by invitation only, but Square Enix will now continue with only the staff involved. Square Enix has only called the broadcast a “new information presentation,” so no official details have been revealed on what’s in store just yet. However, the timing is suspicious and fans expect that this could be the announcement for the next expansion, Final Fantasy 14 6.0.

Usually, Final Fantasy 14 would host a series of fan festivals in Japan, Europe, and North American. They were scheduled to begin late last year, but due to COVID-19 were canceled. The typical cycle includes an announcement at the first fan festival, then follow-up trailers and information in the next two. London was the third and final event on the schedule for February 20, 2021, a day quite close to this broadcast’s February 6.

This isn’t the first time Final Fantasy 14’s community has seen delays due to COVID-19. Last year, Square Enix announced that there would be a delay to the patch cycle and that the development team would begin working from home. Patches are now about three months behind schedule, and 5.3 and 5.4 both saw adjusted timelines due to the disruption.

If fans are correct, and the development timeline is behind cycle, Final Fantasy 14 may not make its usual summer release date. Yoshida has continued to focus on the most important things right now given the state of the world, and made sure to thank healthcare workers in his community address for the New Year.

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