Final Fantasy 8: Where To Find Every GF And How To Obtain Them

Summonable creatures are one of the core traits of the Final Fantasy series, though they can go by different names depending on the game. In Final Fantasy 8, the summons are called Guardian Forces (GFs). There are 16 junctionable GFs in total, with an additional six that cannot be junctioned but that appear at random during battles or that are summoned by using specific items. These later GFs are more like pseudo-GFs.

Only three GFs are story-related and cannot be missed, with the others all being optional. To make sure you find all the GFs in the game, we’ve listed each and every single one, including the pseudo ones, so you know exactly where you can find them.


Quezacotl is one of the story-related GFs and it cannot be missed. It uses a lightning-based attack called Thunder Storm. As far as summons go, Quezacotl is fairly weak when compared to other GFs. However, it is useful as it has the Card Mod ability and Card command, which allows players to turn Triple Triad cards into items and turn monsters into Triple Triad cards, respectively.

Quezacotl can be retrieved from the PC terminal in the classroom, or if you forget to do this, Quistis will give out this GF at the gate when you go to leave for the Fire Cavern test.


Shiva is partnered with Quezacotl in that she is also one of Squall’s default GFs that can be retrieved from the PC or given by Quistis. Shiva is useful when taking on the Fire Cavern, but compared to later GFs, is also rather weak.

Shiva uses her signature ice-based Diamond Dust attack and can also inflict Doom, which makes her handy when fighting enemies who are vulnerable to instant death. Shiva also has the I Mag-RF ability, which allows players to refine various items into Ice/Water magic.


Ifrit is the last GF that is unlocked automatically while playing, as players obtain him on the successful completion of the timed test at the Fire Cavern. Ifrit is the strongest of the three base GFs that Squall obtains, and he is useful for the party as he increases the strength of attacks with his Str+40% and Str Bonus abilities.

Ifrit uses a fire-based move called Hellfire and, like Shiva, he can refine certain items into magic (though they are fire-based for Ifrit) with his F Mag-RF ability. He also has the Ammo-RF ability that can refine items into ammunition for Irvine.


Siren is the first optional GF that players can obtain as long as they know where to look. During the SeeD exam in Dollet, players will have to fight Elvoret at the top of the communications tower and Siren can be drawn from this enemy in the same way that magic is drawn. If for some reason she is missed at this point, Siren can also be drawn from Tri-Point in Ultimecia Castle later in the game.

Siren’s Silent Voice attack does not have an elemental affinity and only does a bit of damage, though it does inflict Silence on enemies. While she seems rather weak from this point of view, some of her abilities are super helpful. Move-Find allows you to find hidden save points and draw points, Treatment cures all status ailments from party members, and Mag Bonus boosts the mag stat of characters when they level up. Additionally, Siren’s ST Med-RF ability allows her to refine certain items into Life magic, while her Tool-RF can be used to refine items into tools for upgrading/refining.


The Brothers GF is made up of two minotaur brothers named Sacred and Minotaur. They can be found in the Tomb of the Unknown King. While players must visit this location as part of the storyline, they only need to go as far as the entrance and so can easily miss out on this GF.

Players must defeat them in battle in order to receive them as a GF. Their Brotherly Love attack is earth-based and does not affect flying enemies. They have some really useful abilities, such as the HP-boosting HP+80% and HP Bonus, as well as defensive abilities such as Defend and Cover.


Diablos is one of the most powerful GFs in the game and can be obtained by defeating him in battle. Players are able to battle him by using the Magic Lamp item that Cid gives to Squall before you leave for Timber. Diablos uses Dark Messenger, a gravity-based attack that does damage based on Diablos’s level as a percentage compared to the max HP of the enemy that it is being used against.

There are also some useful abilities that Diablos offers, such as Darkside, which increases STR but causes the character to lose some HP, and Mug, which allows the character to steal from enemies. Enc-Half/None is useful for those wanting to reduce/remove random enemy encounters. ST Mag-RF and Time Mag-RF allow the refining of certain items into Status and Time magic respectively.


Carbuncle can be obtained by drawing it during the battle with the Iguions in Deling City. However, if it is missed at this point, then you can draw it from Krysta in Ultimecia Castle later in the game. Carbuncle’s Ruby Light attack casts Reflect on the entire party.

Useful abilities that Carbuncle has are Counter, Vit Bonus, and Auto-Reflect, as well as the ability to refine certain items into recovery items with Recov Med-RF.


Leviathan can be obtained by drawing it during the battle with NORG, but only after he has been removed from his pod. If you miss it at this point, you can later draw it from Trauma in Ultimecia Castle. Leviathan uses Tsunami, a water-based attack that can also kick enemies out of the battlefield.

Leviathan has a number of useful abilities, such as Spr Bonus, Auto-Potion, and Recover, while Supt Mag-RF and GFRecov Med-RF mean that players can refine items into support magic or GF recovery items respectively.


Pandemona can be drawn from Fujin during the battle with both Raijin and Fujin in Balamb Garden, or later from Red Giant in Ultimecia Castle if you miss it the first time around. It uses a wind-based move called Tornado Zone.

It’s not a particularly strong GF, but it does have some useful abilities and will likely be the first GF that players come across that offers speed increasing abilities. Additionally, Absorb allows players to take some of the enemy’s HP for themselves, while Initiative lets the character start the battle with a full ATB gauge.


During the Battle of the Gardens, Cerberus can be seen in the main hall of Galbadia Garden. Players must defeat it in order to receive it as a GF, but a lot of players miss this thinking they are just skipping an optional mini-boss. If you do miss it, you can later draw Cerberus from Gargantua in Ultimecia Castle.

Cerberus’s Counter Rockets move casts Double and Triple on all party members. Cerberus also has the Alert ability, which stops the party from being susceptible to back attacks. Cerberus is a great choice for magic users as it has the Auto-Haste and Spd Junction abilities, while Expendx2-1 means that only one magic is used instead of two when using Double.


Alexander can be drawn from Edea during your second battle with her in Galbadia Garden, or if you miss it then, you can later draw it from Catoblepas in Ultimecia Castle. It’s Holy Judgment attack is holy based and so it is perfect against undead enemies.

Useful abilities include Revive, Med Data, which doubles the potency of medicines, and Med LV Up, which levels up medicine. High Mag-RF also allows the player to refine certain items into high-level magic.


Doomtrain is a unique GF in that it must be created, a clue to which is in Occult Fan III. The most important item you need for this is the Solomon Ring, which can be found at the base of the statue of a woman playing the harp at Tears’ Point in the Great Plains of Esthar. In addition, you’ll need 6 x Remedy+, 6 x Steel Pipes, and 6 x Malboro Tentacles.

Once you have all these items, you can use the Solomon Ring from the inventory to obtain Doomtrain. Doomtrain’s Runaway Train attack deals poison-based damage and additionally inflicts a slew of status ailments on all enemies. Doomtrain shares the Darkside and Absorb abilities with Diablos and Pandemona, and also has Auto-Shell as an ability. Additionally, this GF has the Junk Shop ability, which allows players to upgrade weapons from their menu.


Bahamut is one of the most powerful GFs in the game, and it can be obtained from the  Deep Sea Research Center. There is a  flashing blue pillar in the center of the first room and moving towards it while it pulses will result in a battle. You have to approach the pillar when it is not flashing and answer the questions asked of you correctly.

You must first answer “It’s not our will to fight,” then “Never,” and then lastly you must select the secret third option below the first two shown, which is “It’s our nature.” Answering incorrectly will kick you back to the beginning of the room. Answering all three questions correctly will begin the fight with Bahamut and defeating him will reward you with his GF.

Bahamut’s Mega Flare attack deals massive non-elemental damage to all enemies. Bahamut shares the Mug and Expendx2-1 abilities of Diablos and Cerberus, as well as Auto-Protect, Move-HP Up, and Rare Item, which increases the drop rate of rare items. Forbid Mag-RF also means that players can refine certain items into forbidden magic.


The Cactuar GF can be obtained by defeating the Jumbo Cactuar boss that can be found on Cactuar Island. It’s signature 1,000 Needles attack does 1000 damage to enemies for every ten levels that the GF has gained.

Cactuar shares a variety of abilities with other GFs, such as Initiative, Expendx2-1, Auto-Potion, Move-HP UP, and Defend. Additionally, Cactuar has its own unique ability, Kamikaze, which causes up to 60,000 points of damage depending on the HP of the character who uses it, though at the cost of the character’s life.


The Tonberry GF can be obtained by defeating the secret Tonberry King boss. To make this boss appear, players must defeat 20+ normal Tonberries in the Centra Ruins, and once the correct threshold has been hit, Tonberry King will immediately appear at the end of the last battle.

Tonberry’s Chef’s Knife ability only deals minor non-elemental damage, but it does have some useful abilities. LV Down and LV Up decreases or increases the power of enemies with adjusted bonuses. It also shares the Auto-Potion, Initiative, and Move-HP Up abilities with other GFs. Unique abilities to Tonberry include the rather useful Call Shop, which allows players to access a shop from their menu, Haggle, which gets you discounted items in stores, Sell-High, which increases the money you make when selling items to stores, and finally, Familiar, which ensures rare items are offered in the shop.


Eden is the most powerful GF in the game and is also one of the most difficult to obtain. It can be obtained by navigating to the very bottom level of the Deep Sea Research Center and then drawing it from the Ultima Weapon boss that can be fought down there.

Eden’s Eternal Breath attack can deal over 9,999 points of damage. As well as sharing the Mad Rush and Darkside abilities with previous GFs, it has the unique Devour ability that allows it to eat enemies. Expendx3-1 means that only one magic is consumed when using Triple, while GFAbl Med-RF allows certain items to be refined into GF ability items.

Odin (Pseudo-GF)

Odin can be found in the Centra Ruins and must be defeated for players to obtain him as a pseudo-GF. Players must defeat Odin within the battle time limit, or he will use his signature Zantetsuken skill once the time runs out and cause the entire party to wipe.

Once players have him, there is a chance that Odin will randomly appear at the beginning of battles and use Zantetsuken on your foes.

Gilgamesh (Pseudo-GF)

Gilgamesh is another pseudo-GF that can only be obtained if the player has already acquired Odin. During Disc 3, Odin will attack at the beginning of the battle with Seifer and Seifer will cut him down. This causes a rift from which Gilgamesh appears, and from then on Odin is replaced by Gilgamesh.

As well as the Zantetsuken move, Gilgamesh also has Masamune and Excaliber, which both deal decent damage, and Excalipoor, which deals only 1 damage. Unlike Odin, Gilgamesh appears during battles and not at the beginning.

Boko (Pseudo-GF)

Boko is a summon that is obtained when players first successfully catch a Chocobo in a Chocobo Forest, after which Chocoboy gives Boko as a reward. It can then be summoned by using Gysahl Greens during battle.

In the original PlayStation version of the game, Boko could be sent to Chocobo World for the PocketStation and leveled up. However, in the Remastered version, it is already at max level and already has its most powerful moves. Boko’s four moves are ChocoFire, ChocoFlare, ChocoMeteor, and ChocoBocle, and which move it uses depends on Squall’s level.

Moomba (Pseudo-GF)

Moomba was obtained via Chocobo World on the game’s original release. However, in the Remastered version, it can be obtained by receiving the Friendship item from Angelo Search, which is the item used to summon Moomba during battle.

When summoned, Moomba will attack an enemy and leave it with 1 HP, or alternatively, if the enemy has over 9,999 HP, Moomba will defeat it completely.

Phoenix (Pseudo-GF)

Phoenix can be summoned into battle by using the Phoenix Pinion item and it deals fire-damage to all enemies while additionally reviving all fallen party members. Once Phoenix has already been used, there is also a chance that it will appear when the party wipes to save you from the Game Over screen.

MiniMog (Pseudo-GF)

MiniMog is another GF that was originally obtained via Chocobo World on the PlayStation release, but whose summon item can be found from Angelo Search in the Remastered version. The item in question, Mog’s Amulet, teaches any GF the MiniMog command, which then allows them to summon Mog into battle who then revives and heals all of the GFs in the party.

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