Final Fantasy VII Remake: Complete Trophy Guide

Although Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t a particularly difficult game, completing all that the title has to offer can be incredibly time consuming. On top of its 18 chapter story, it’s stuffed full of side quests and mini-games and has one or two secret boss battles that will really put your understanding of the combat system to the test.

There are a total of 54 trophies to unlock and doing so will require two full playthroughs as well as completing certain sections of the game multiple times. On the plus side though, none of the trophies are missable per se thanks to the chapter select function. Even so, it’s best to have a plan in place to avoid unnecessary backtracking where possible.

Master of Fate (Platinum) – Earn all FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE trophies.

You’ll need to unlock all of the other trophies in the game to become a true master of fate.

Onetime Gig (Bronze)  Complete Chapter 1.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Escape Artist (Bronze)  Complete Chapter 2.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Mercenary Endeavors (Bronze)  Complete Chapter 3.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Night on the Town (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 4.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Plan E (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 5.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Lights Out (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 6.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Trapped like Sewer Rats (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 7.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Reunited (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 8.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Never the Bride (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 9.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Sewer Savior (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 10.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Paranormal Investigator (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 11.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

The Collapse (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 12.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Broken Dreams (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 13.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Picking Up the Pieces (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 14.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

The Pizza in the Sky (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 15.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

No Appointment Needed (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 16.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Emerging from Chaos (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 17.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Destiny’s Crossroads (Bronze) – Complete Chapter 18.

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed.

Warming Up (Bronze) – Win a battle.

You should unlock this trophy within your first few minutes of starting up the game.

Weakened Resolve (Bronze) – Exploit an enemy’s weakness.

Many enemies in the game are weak to certain elements. Some of these weaknesses are obvious, but others can only be learnt through trial and error or with the help of the Assess materia. The trophy can be unlocked long before you acquire the latter though, either by casting fire on a Shinra soldier or by using a lightning attack on one of the many robotic enemies found in Maco Reactor 1.

Bonds of Friendship (Bronze) – Free a bound ally.

There are certain enemies that will grab party members and hold them in place for a set period of time. When this happens, switch to a different party member and attack the enemy until it releases its grip.

Staggering Start (Bronze) – Stagger an enemy.

Beneath each enemy’s name and HP bar is an orange stagger gauge. Depleting this with attacks and abilities will cause the enemy to become staggered and lead to a period of increased vulnerability. It’s simple enough to do and so you should unlock this one naturally fairly early on in your playthrough.

Music Collecter (Bronze) – Collect 3 music discs.

As you make your way around Midgar, you may notice that there are certain areas with their own ambient music. If you see three question marks next to a picture of a music disc in the top left hand corner of your screen, it means that there’s a disc nearby that you haven’t yet obtained. Just find any three of the 31 that are scattered throughout the game and you’ll unlock this trophy.

Gotta Start Somewhere (Bronze) – Complete a quest.

There are 26 side quests spread across four of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s 18 chapters. Most players will complete their first one in Chapter 3, although side quests can also be found in Chapter 8, Chapter 9 and Chapter 14.

My First Ability (Bronze) – Max out a weapon’s proficiency.

Each of the 24 weapons available in the game has its own unique ability that can be used while the weapon is equipped. By using this ability repeatedly or completing the proficiency bonus tasks listed on the right hand side of the equipment menu, however, it’s possible to master the abilities and use them even when the weapon is no longer equipped. This trophy will unlock after you’ve mastered your very first one.

Materia for Beginners (Bronze) – Level up an orb of materia.

Each enemy that you defeat will grant your party both XP and AP. While the XP will make your party grow stronger, the AP will instead go towards strengthening your equipped materia. Just like the playable characters, each orb is able to level up and will typically grants access to more powerful spells or perks upon doing so. Providing you’re not constantly changing your materia around, it shouldn’t take too long for this trophy to unlock naturally.

My First Summon (Bronze) – Invoke a summon.

You’ll receive your first summon at the end of Chapter 3 but can find many more elsewhere in the game. To unlock the trophy, all you’ll need to do is equip one of them and then use it in battle.

Biker Boy (Bronze) – Get Praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game.

In order to unlock the Biker Boy trophy, you’ll need to complete the bike section at the beginning of Chapter 4 without taking more than 25% damage. If you’re having trouble, you can check out our guide on how to avoid taking unnecessary damage during the section.

Heavenly Dart Player (Bronze) – Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard.

One of the many new additions to the remake is the darts board that can be found in Seventh Heaven. For this trophy, you’ll need to complete a game of 301 in seven darts or fewer in order to beat Wedge’s high score. If you’re unfamiliar with the game or are unable to get the hang of it, you might find our darts guide useful.

Cleanup Crew (Bronze) – Obtain the Chocobo & Moogle materia.

During Chapter 6, you’ll probably notice an orb of red summon materia behind one of the big fans that the party passes. At the end of the chapter, you’ll have the opportunity to double back and collect it and will obtain the Cleanup Crew trophy for doing so.

In Lockstep (Bronze) – Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5.

After disposing of the Air Buster parts in Chapter 7, you will reach a point where you need to pull two levers to open up a door. After doing so, rather than carrying on with the main story, you’ll instead want to open up the door to the disposal room and approach the large computer panel. From here, you’ll need to complete four more lever-based puzzles in order to gain access to the discarded Air Buster parts and unlock the trophy.

Crate Annihilator (Bronze) – Complete all Normal difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

After completing the “A Verified Hero” side quest in Chapter 8, you’ll gain access to the Whack-a-Box mini-game. To beat the pro challenge and unlock the trophy, you’ll just need to score 30,000 points or more in a single round. It’s not too difficult, but if you’re having trouble with it then you can always check out our Whack-a-Box guide.

Say It with Flowers (Bronze) – Decorate the Leaf House with a floral arrangement.

After collecting flowers with Aerith in Chapter 8, return to the Leaf House and the housemother will call you over and show you the new floral arrangement. The trophy will pop immediately after.

Summon Slayer (Bronze) – Defeat a summon in battle.

Upon reaching Chapter 8, you’ll unlock Battle Intel Report 5 which pits you against Shiva in a VR simulation battle. Defeating her will unlock the trophy, as too will defeating Fat Chocobo, Leviathan or Bahamut.

Sultan of Squat (Bronze) – Complete all squat challenges.

When you first arrive in Wall Market in Chapter 9, it’s possible to take on one of the guys at the gym in a squats mini-game as part of the “Burning Thighs” side quest. After defeating him, you’ll then be able to try your hand (or thighs) against two more of the gym’s members. Defeating Jules on pro difficulty will unlock the trophy.

Dancing Queen (Bronze) – Received a gift from Andrea for being a dance superstar.

During Chapter 9, Cloud will be hauled up on stage to take part in an elaborate dance routine at the Honeybee Inn. You’ll need to press the buttons shown on screen at the right tight times in order to impress Andrea.  If your timings are tight enough, he’ll give you a pair of earrings and the trophy will pop. It’s worth saving beforehand (you’ll know when), although if you’re aiming for the platinum trophy you’ll need to complete this section at least two more times and so it’s not necessarily a huge deal if you miss it the first time around.

Returning Champion (Bronze) – Emerge victorious from a colosseum sparring session.

After defeating the Hell House in Chapter 9, return to the colosseum and take part in one of the available challenges. To unlock the trophy, any challenge will do although it’s best to choose the one with Aerith as you wont be able to later on.

Snappy Dresser (Bronze) – Obtain three bridal candidate outfits.

This trophy will be unlocked naturally as you make your way through the game, although it’s worth checking out our guide on unlocking all nine dresses to avoid creating extra work for yourself further down the line.

Dressed to the Nines (Silver) – Obtain all nine bridal candidate outfits.

Obtaining all nine dresses is going to require certain chapters to be completed multiple times. There are a number of factors that determine which dresses will be used, so it’s a good idea to read up on them all so that you can plan your strategy accordingly.

Whack-a-Box Wunderkind (Bronze) – Complete all Hard difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

Upon your return to the Sector 5 slums in Chapter 14, you’ll have access to a harder version of Whack-a-Box. Just like last time, you’ll need to score 30,000 points or more to beat the pro challenge and unlock the trophy. As the name might suggest though, it’s not quite as easy as the normal course and so be sure to check out our guide on how to approach the hard Whack-a-Box course if you’re having trouble with it.

Peeress of Pull-Ups (Bronze) – Complete all pull-up challenges.

If you return to the Wall Market gym in Chapter 14, you’ll be able to take on Andrea in a pull-ups challenge as part of the Wavering Heart side quest. After completing it, you’ll once again have access to two more difficulty levels and must defeat Jules on pro to unlock the trophy. If you thought that the squats mini-game was bad, you’re in for a rough ride here. As always though, we’ve got you covered.

Divine Gratitude (Bronze) – Receive a letter from an angel.

To unlock the Divine Gratitude trophy, you’ll need to complete all of the Chapter 14 side quests that are related to The Angel of the Slums. After you’ve given the key items to Marle at Evergreen Park, you’ll find a letter on the ground near the place where you leave the slums at the end of the chapter. You’ll also get a second orb of Elemental materia, so it’s definitely worth your time even if you don’t care about the trophy.

The Johnny Experience (Bronze) – Witness all Johnny-related incidents.

You’ll first encounter Johnny in Chapter 3 outside Seventh Heaven. After this, there are three optional encounters that you’ll need to trigger in order to unlock the trophy. Two of them are in Chapter 9 and the other one is in Chapter 14, but thanks to the chapter select menu, this is a fairly easy trophy to mop up if you do happen to miss one or two of them in your first playthough.

Best in the Business (Silver) – Complete all quests.

There are 26 side quests in total, although you’ll only be able to complete 24 of them on your first playthrough. This means you’ll have to replay Chapter 9 at least once in order to complete them all. If you’re having trouble, it might be worth checking out our side quest guides for Chapter 3, Chapter 8, Chapter 9 and Chapter 14 to make sure that you don’t miss any.

Disc Jockey (Silver) – Collect all music discs.

There are 31 music discs to track down in total, with most of them being quite difficult to miss. Just keep your eyes and ears open and you should be fine. If you’d rather not have to backtrack or replay chapters though, our guide on where to find all of the discs might be right up your street.

Building Character (Bronze) – Attain level 50 with a character.

Unless you really go out of your way to grind, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be reaching level 50 in your first playthough. Thankfully though, you’ll get a lot more XP in Hard Mode and so it should only take a few extra chapters to max out your party’s stats.

Staggering Feat (Bronze) – Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy.

By using certain attacks and techniques while an enemy is staggered, it’s possible to increase the amount of damage that they take. To unlock the Staggering Feat trophy, you’ll need this number to hit 300% which can actually be fairly challenging. Luckily, there are strategies that can make things quite a bit easier for those who are having trouble.

Intelligence Agent (Silver) – Complete all battle intel reports.

You’ll first encounter Chadley and his Battle Intel Reports in Chapter 3 and more of them will unlock as the story progresses. One or two of them are really quite tricky, so do check out our guide on how to complete all 20 of them if you’re struggling to do so on your own.

Weapons Expert (Silver) – Learn all weapon abilities.

There are 24 weapons in total scattered throughout Final Fantasy VII Remake. After finding them all, you’ll then need to master all of their abilities by equipping them and then either using their abilities in battle. Alternatively, you can complete the proficiency bonus tasks detailed on the right hand side of the equipment menu.

Master of Mimicry (Silver) – Learn all enemy skills.

Chadley will give you the Enemy Skill materia for completing Battle Intel Report 16. Once equipped, it will allow you to learn four special enemy attacks (Algid Aura, Self-Destruct, Spirit Syphon and Bad Breath) if you happen to be hit by them. There are only a few enemies in the game with access to these moves, so it might be worth checking out our guide on where to find them if you’re having trouble.

That’s the Smell (Silver) – Defeat a marlboro.

After completing all of the available colosseum and Shinra Combat Simulator battles, you’ll unlock the “Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend” challenge in the combat simulator. There’s a marlboro in the final wave, so just defeat it and you’ll unlock the trophy as well as the game’s toughest challenge. Just make sure you have your Enemy Skill materia equipped, as marlboros are the only enemies in the game that can use Bad Breath and this is the only battle in which you can find them.

Ultimate Weapon (Gold) – Defeat the Pride and Joy prototype.

Once you’ve completed the game and overcome all of its other challenges (both collosseum and combat simulator), you’ll gain access to a new combat simulator challenge called “Three-Person Team VS Top Secrets”. It’s the most difficult battle in the game by far and can only be tackled while playing on Hard Mode. Overcoming it grants access to the incredibly useful Gotterdammerung accessory though and so it’s definitely worth the effort required. Check out our guide on how to defeat the top secrets if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Hardened Veteran (Gold) – Complete all chapters on Hard Difficulty.

You’ll unlock Hard Mode after completing the game once and it serves a lot like a New Game+ mode. One of the biggest differences though is that you wont be able to use any items whatsoever which means you’ll need to use your MP sparingly. You’ll be able to complete the chapters in any order though, so if you’re really having trouble it may be worth defeating the Pride and Joy prototype first so that you can play through Hard Mode with the Gotterdammerung equipped. It allows you to enter every battle with a full limit gauge and also speeds up the rate at which it charges.

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