Final Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Adjustment Buffs And Nerfs 24 Characters

It's finally over – the last Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter adjustment is out. Barring anything requiring Nintendo's immediate attention, the roster will probably stay the same now, with no further buffs and nerfs planned for the future. The version 13.0.1 update targets 24 characters in total, and mostly dishes out beneficial changes to underpowered fighters.

Donkey Kong, Link and Meta Knight are among the characters to see the most buffs, while Pyra and Min Min mains may find themselves a bit weaker than before. Other characters receive a mix of buffs and nerfs, but the good news is that the pros definitely outway the cons.

Donkey Kong mains will find that their attacks pack more punch, as his down tilt attack will keep opponents in their damaged animation for a longer period of time. It will also be faster to active DK's super armour, and his second neutral attack will leave him less vulnerable.

Inkling, Meta Knight, and Bowster Jr. receive the most overall buffs. Considering the latter two are often placed in lower tiers, that's not too surprising – but Inkling is currently in A tier already. Unless mitigated by the buffs of other fighters, this could see the Splatoon protag rise in popularity even further.

The only real losers here are Pyra and Min Min. Pyra will now be more vulnerable when using her side special, whereas the Arms fighter suffers from reduced damage and more vulnerability across the board. However, considering the former is currently placed in S tier, this might not be the end of the world. Min Min varies between B to high A tier, yet it is still odd to see her face the most nerfs of the patch.

Funny enough, Sora is only facing one change, and that's just to his animation speed when knocked to the ground. It looks like the devs reckon they got him right the first time, so Kingdom Hearts fans can keep playing undeterred.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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