First Look At The PowerPuff Girls Live-Action Series Teased

Eager fans of the upcoming live-action adaption of The PowerPuff Girls got their first real tease today (via A clip showing the three superheroes all-grown-up in their original outfits and Blossom taking flight was revealed today. It’s a big nostalgia trip for those who grew up watching them on The Cartoon Network. This also gives us a brief glimpse at what we can expect when it finally releases.

The three leads, Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and  Yana Perrault were apparently filming the pilot episode of the new series alongside their onscreen father Donald Frieson. He will be portraying Professor Utonium, who gave life to the three pint-sized crime fighters.

While the outfits are exact copies of what they wore in the cartoon, this scene is probably from earlier on in the series. Considering this will follow them as adults, audiences can probably expect more mature unique looks for each character. We can also expect to see a lot of CGI used to truly bring this world to life.

The classic cartoon still has a huge following. For fans who grew up alongside Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles it’s nice to see a new story that follows them in adulthood. Not too much is known about the plot. All that’s clear is that they are grown up and regret wasting their childhood fighting crime. It does make for an interesting take on their characters.

The CW is known for taking known properties and twisting them for a darker twist on the source material. Riverdale and Nancy Drew are great examples of that. While the first photos seem innocent enough, clearly it’s going to have a much more sinister side. This is not your childhood PowerPuff Girls fans, it will simply be known as “Powerpuff.”

Being the first brief glimpse into the new version, many online are already wondering about potential villains also leaping to live-action. Mojo Jojo’s son will be in the series. Another beloved Villain HIM has users online clamoring for Lil Nas X to portray him after the resemblance in his latest music video. No one really knows what direction this new reboot will take but our interest is definitely piqued.

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