Forget Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Sleep app lets you catch them all while napping

Pokemon fans are counting down to the launch of the brand new Pokemon Sleep app, which lets users capture Pocket Monsters during nap time. Users of the app can track their sleep and complete research by placing their smartphone or Pokemon GO Plus+ device next to their pillow while they sleep. The app will provide users with a sleep score and a sleep style, which can be used in the quest to catch Pokemon and complete tasks, such as raising the power of your pet Snorlax. 

The Pokemon Company explains more: “The more sleep players get, and the bigger Snorlax becomes, the more Pokemon they can meet, and the more sleep styles they’ll be able to discover.”

According to The Pokemon Company, sleep styles are split into three different categories, including Dozing, Snoring and Slumbering.

You’ll attract certain kinds of Pokemon depending on your sleep style. The Pokemon in question will gather around Snorlax, and can eventually be used as helpers once you’ve studied their sleep styles and fed them treats.

Helper Pokemon can be used to gather Berries to give to Snorlax, and can activate different support skills to help Snorlax grow.

Your sleep score will also play a part in making Snorlax stronger and attracting more Pokemon.

“In Pokemon Sleep, players will be assigned a ‘sleep score’ based on how long they’ve slept,” The Pokemon Company continues.

“Players get 100 points when they sleep for at least 8.5 hours. The longer players sleep, the greater Snorlax’s Drowsy Power will become, which in turn determines how many Pokemon gather each time they wake up.”

New research tasks will be available every Monday, while findings can be shared with friends for additional bonuses.

If you want to play the Pokemon Sleep app as soon as possible, then Android users are encouraged to pre-register on the Google Play Store.

Apple iOS users, on the other hand, are encouraged to follow the Pokemon Sleep app on Twitter. While there’s no word on an exact release date, the new app is likely to launch in the next few weeks.

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