Forspoken: Avoalet Locked Labyrinths Guide

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  • The Fountainfields – Locked Labyrinth: Mountain Base
  • The Untrodden Forest – Locked Labyrinth: Depths

Taking on the challenge of delving into dungeons via the Locked Labyrinths scattered throughout Athia is a great way to earn some neat rewards in Forspoken. They hold a few bespoke fights, some platforming challenges, and a boss at the end, which will test your ability to adapt to whatever the game throws at you.

Avoalet, the region that you'll visit after Praenost, is home to just two of these Locked Labyrinths. Don't worry, though, they're not short of challenge – in fact, they're very difficult if you take them on as soon as you gain access to them.

The Fountainfields – Locked Labyrinth: Mountain Base

While you can take this dungeon on as soon as you get to Avoalet for the first time, we recommend waiting until you complete the story events in the region. This means you'll unlock your third spell set and gain access to the Naedre spell, which makes Ogres a cinch to deal with.

First Room

When you enter this room, it will be full of sleeping Abyssal Breakzombies and Abyssal Kelaino. It is possible to sneak past them, but it's more effort than it's worth. Instead, wake them up with a powerful attack. The Kelaino are weak to Sila's Magic – exploit that weakness to take the annoying birds down first.

Second Room

It initially seems like this room only has a single Abyssal Ogre inside, but there are Kelaino waiting in the nearby halls to come ambush you halfway through the fight. A good strategy is to get some damage in on the Ogre, and then switch your focus to the Kelaino when they join the fray – they're agile and annoying enough to be the primary targets. Use Sila's Magic to take out the Kelaino, and Prav's (or preferably Olas's) Magic to deal with the Ogre.


Meso Gigas

There are two side paths from the second room that used to have Kelaino in them. The path to the left contains a Feather to pick up, while the path on the right has some platforming to contend with, lots of mana to pick up, and a locked chest containing some Old Coins.

How To Beat The Meso Gigas

The Meso Gigas is a pretty relentless attacker. It has a long-range leaping smash attack which you should run away from immediately, as it's an Unblockable attack with a large radius, and it can also throw a very large fireball at you.

Despite its size and the usual brutality of these sorts of enemies, the Meso Gigas doesn't have much in the way of health – you should be able to come out on top quite quickly if you stay on the offense. Just avoid its attacks as best you can and take every chance you can get to return the favor.

If you have Olas's Magic, this fight will be incredibly easy – the Meso Gigas will melt to some sustained attacks. If not, Prav's Magic will do the job well, especially if you poison it with Naedre. Getting extra damage in while you're too busy dodging to attack is a great strategy.

The end of this dungeon holds the Fain cloak for you. This equipment increases your critical hit rate and gives you a boost to your Surge Magic charge when you play at range.

The Untrodden Forest – Locked Labyrinth: Depths

Of the Locked Labyrinths in Avoalet, this one is the one with more platforming to contend with. Head forward and down the dilapidated corridor to begin this dungeon.

First Room

This room contains a single Abyssal Sebecus and a small group of Abyssal Qiliania. The former is weak to Sila's Magic and is quite easy to burst down before any of the birds can gear up for attacks. The Qiliania are weak to Prav's Magic, which you might not have access to – either way, rapid-firing with Frey's Magic and setting up a Disperse should be enough to cope with the aerial foes.

Second Room

This room contains a large group of Abyssal Kyptoceras and Abyssal Ramoceros. The only magic that will be effective against both types of monster is Sila's Magic, so break out the fire for this fight – trying to target specific weaknesses will end up with lots of resisted hits.


Proto Deinosuchus

From the first room with enemies, stand at the entrance – the door to your right, not the door straight ahead, has a dead end with some mana and a locked chest to go investigate. They're at the bottom of the long drop, so you'll need to use Zip to get back up. In the second room, it is the door opposite the entrance (in other words, directly opposite the very first room of the labyrinth) that contains a dead end. This one contains more mana and a Nugget to pick up.

There's some Firewood between the second room and the boss room. Rest up if you need it!

How To Beat The Proto Deinosuchus

If you took on the first Locked Labyrinth in The Barren Plains, you should know generally what to expect here.

You'll have to fight this boss from the various floating platforms around the area inside the pool. Try to get as close as possible to the boss to ensure that you're in range – Scatter Shot is your best tool for the job, since the Deinosuchus is weak to Frey's Magic and Scatter Shot has the longest range of the three Frey spells.

The Proto Deinosuchus's moves are quite easy to recognize and avoid. Hold the Flow button to avoid the barrage of ice blades that it throws at you, and be wary of the telegraphed epxlosions of water that will appear under your feet whenever the boss dives underwater with a cloud of foam.

Don't bother using Surge Magic in this fight – it won't work over the water.

The Deinosuchus moves around the arena a lot – if you wait until after you acquire Prav's Magic to take this labyrinth on, you'll be able to glide over the water's surface easily instead of relying on Magic Parkour leaps and Frey's slow swimming.

For beating the boss, you will get the Troth necklace, which has two great effects. First, it makes your Killer Blows charge up your Surge Magic gauge, and second, it makes it easier to knock enemies over when your Surge Magic gauge is fully charged.

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