Forspoken: Junoon Mutants Guide

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  • The Blossomwoods – Altered Borophagus
  • The Blossomwoods – Altered Ilingoceros
  • The Harvest Lands – Altered Stegotretus
  • Crosstide Coast – Altered Quinkana
  • Nearcoast Terrace – Altered Aiolornis

While Junoon has some of the hardest challenges to face in all of Forspoken, it's actually quite a small area. Once you reach Junoon, the game doesn't hold anything back – it knows that you have access to all four spell sets, you're able to go grab any piece of equipment that you could possibly need in the game, and you should be quite a high level.

There are only five Mutant fights in Junoon, but they're tough. The Mutants here are all backed up by strong minions, turning the boss fights into very hectic encounters that can ruin your day if you're not prepared.

The Blossomwoods – Altered Borophagus

This Altered Borophagus leads a very large pack of Canis Dirus, the doglike enemies who have been hounding after you all game. Fortunately, the Mutant and its minions all share the same weakness to Frey's Magic, making this a pretty simple fight to deal with – by now you should have at least one of Frey's attack spells, preferably Burst Shot, leveled up as far as it can go. If it's enhanced with a spellcraft challenge, even better.

The Borophagus will spend a lot of time trying to get close to you and then lunge in with a very fast bite attack. This can be hard to predict but if you face the Mutant, it will always strike you from the front. For this reason, Shield Shot isn't a bad call if you're worried about damage. If not, just be ready to counter. Be especially wary of the Borophagus's spinning spines attack – this also comes out very quickly and will destroy Cuff in one hit if you don't have a very high defense.

The Canis Dirus can be annoying during this fight, but they aren't the highest priority. If you dislike any potential interruptions, though, take them out passively through a well-aimed Surge Attack or some of your Support Spells – Disperse and Prime will both hit a large area.

Upon death, the Altered Borophagus will drop four Lucid Garlands.

The Blossomwoods – Altered Ilingoceros

The Altered Ilingoceros fights alongside an Ogre, which makes this fight quite threatening – the Ilingoceros will race around the battlefield, which is hard to keep an eye on, while the Ogre will make a beeline for you with its focused attacks. For this reason, it's a good idea to take the Ogre out first. Olas's Magic will do the best job – you can stack up a ton of markers and then unleash hell with Pulse Dart.

Don't try to attack both enemies with any area-of-effect Olas spells, though! The Altered Ilingoceros heavily resists Olas's Magic, so it'll just prolong the fight too much.

Once the Ogre is dead, it's time to take on the Ilingoceros. It can be hard to hit thanks to its tendency to leap around wildly, and there are many trees here that can get in the way of your projectiles. The solution to this is to get in very close with Sila's Magic and take a melee-focused approach to the fight. Fight with either Arc Slice or Rage Slice, trap the Ilingoceros in a Crucible with you, summon your Legion soldiers, and go to town.

Be wary of the high jump attacks and go to town – the Ilingoceros doesn't have that much health, relatively speaking, so it should be a very quick fight once you put the heat on it.

The Altered Ilingoceros will drop four Lambent Garlands when it drops.

The Harvest Lands – Altered Stegotretus

This Stegotretus is backed up by a group of Hylonomus, so you can expect to be dealing with a battlefield covered in poison clouds. To combat this, make sure you have Leach ready to go and plenty of Healing Draughts. Hylonomus are annoying enemies to face not just for their poison, but for their effective mix of ranged attacks and surprising agility. Definitely try to take them out before going for the Stegotretus – they are weak to Frey's Magic, so use your best attacks to deal with them. Disperse will help out nicely, as would Prime.

The Stegotretus is relatively slow, especially when compared to the more agile Mutants in the game, such as the Ilingoceros and the Mylodon. You can take advantage of this by staying at a safe range. If you're far enough away, the only thing the Stegotretus can do to try and hurt you is spit poison at you, and you should have more than enough Healing Draughts to counter this by this point.

While bulky, the Stegotretus won't survive a sustained beating, so just keep plugging away until you come out on top.

When it falls, the Altered Stegotretus will drop four Welkin Garlands.

Crosstide Coast – Altered Quinkana

This Mutant spawns in the deep water next to an island in the middle of Crosstide Coast, along with a few Sebecus. This means you'll have to attack them and draw them on land before the fight can start for real. Try and open with a high-damage move against one of the Sebecus, as you'll want to take them out first.

Do not try to open the fight with a Surge Magic cast into the water – this will not work. The attack will just fizzle out. Alternatively, use the safe starting position to buff yourself with Aegis, if you have it enhanced.

There are three Sebecus to deal with, and like the Altered Quinkana, they're weak to Sila's Magic. For this reason, you may want to set up a Crucible – be wary, though, the island you're fighting on is quite small, so you don't want to limit your mobility unless you're sure you can get out of danger quickly.

If you have the Glide spell enhanced, you can use the water to get away for a few moments without expending Stamina. Circling the island on the water's surface is a great way to waste time waiting for Cuff to recover if you enter defenseless mode, too.

Once you've eliminated the Sebecus, the Quinkana isn't too difficult to take down. It might be best to use Blast Slice at a range, though, as the Quinkana thrives in close-range combat. When you're at a range, the only thing it can do is spit some water at you, which doesn't do much damage. Be careful, though, as it reduces your attack if you get hit – heal this with Aegis.

When you win the fight, the Altered Quinkana will drop four Leaden Garlands.

Nearcoast Terrace – Altered Aiolornis

Backing up this Altered Aiolornis are some regular Aiolornis, so you'll have to be very cautious in this fight. The Aiolornis love to swoop at you from out of nowhere, so do your best to take the minions down as soon as possible. They are weak to Prav's Magic, so utilize Chain Bolt to do the heavy lifting, but supplement your damage with Disperse, which is great at targeting flying enemies.

This fight goes like many other fights against Altered Aiolornis – the main attack to look out for is the giant divebomb, which can be Flowed over. Attack it mid-Flow and then follow that up with an instantly-charging Chain Bolt for lots of damage.

When it gets low on health, the Aiolornis will settle on the ground to eat, healing a large portion of its health bar. Use this opportunity to attack with Surge Magic if it's charged, and you'll do far more damage than it healed, possibly even killing it if your stats are high enough.

The Altered Aiolornis drops four Welkin Garlands upon death.

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