Forspoken Spoilers, Final Boss Leak Ahead Of Launch

Major spoilers from Forspoken are being shared online, as footage from the whole game leaks. This includes a video of the final boss battle, revealing a major twist in the story (which fret not, we will not reveal here).

If you're hoping to go into Forspoken without any spoilers when it launches tomorrow, then it's best to avoid Twitter for the time being, as clips from multiple parts of the game are being shared around. One YouTube account has even uploaded their full playthrough early, seemingly due to an error in release dates in some regions.

The YouTube account GamersPrey shared their full playthrough just hours ago, even earlier than the review embargo. They hint that this is because they are based in New Zealand, perhaps getting access to the game early on PS5 due to an issue with time zones.

However, this was not the first story leak for Forspoken. Over the weekend, clips from the game's final boss were shared online, giving away huge spoilers before anyone had a chance to play the game themselves. This video seems to have been hit with a copyright strike since the initial leak, but it was live long enough for many to get an early look at Forspoken's final setpiece.

Publisher Square Enix doesn't appear to have commented on the leaks just yet, but this is just one front that Forspoken is facing issues on. As we write this, critic reviews are going live, and it's a disappointing return for the new IP. While the score is likely to change a lot throughout the day, it currently sits at a Metacritic score of 68, and a slightly more generous 70 on OpenCritic.

In our review, TheGamer's Ryan Bamsey gave Forspoken a score of 3.5/5. While admitting that the dialogue is just as awkward as we expected, he praised the gameplay, even if it takes a while to become engaging. It remains to be seen how general audiences react when the game drops tomorrow, available for PS5 and PC.

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