Fortnite 9.01 LEAKED SKINS: Fortnite x John Wick outfit leaks, Wick’s Bounty challenges

Fortnite fans have discovered some John Wick surprises in the update 9.01 game files.

Fortnite update 9.01 launched during a period of server downtime earlier this morning.

The update introduces the Tactical Assault Rifle, nerfs the Baller vehicle and improves Slipstreams.

But it’s within the game files that fans have discovered some of the more intriguing new additions.

Fortnite fan Lucas7Yoshi has posted an image of the leaked John Wick skin that’s about to join the game.

The Fortnite X John Wick skin even comes with a damage variant, not to mention other items.

As previously reported, fans can also expect some new John Wick-themed challenges as part of the event.

Wick’s Bounty changes up the rules, giving players multiple lives.

“Wick’s Bounty The High Table has opened a new contract,” reads the official description.

“You’re tough but not unstoppable, if you are eliminated three times you are out for good. Stay alive and collect gold tokens by eliminating the other bounty hunters.

“The first team to reach the required token count wins, but be careful how far ahead you get – token leaders are marked on the map for all to see.”

The Wick’s Bounty Challenges, meanwhile, can be seen below…

Fortnite Wick’s Bounty leaked challenges…

• Complete any of the 5 challenges to unlock the reward

• Win a match of Wick’s Bounty (1)

• Play matches of Wick’s Bounty (7)

• Collect Gold tokens (120)

• Collect Gold tokens in a single match (20)

• Deal damage with the combat shotgun (500)

• Deal damage with the Tactical Assault Rifle (500)

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