Fortnite: All Chapter Three Season Three Milestone Quests

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Here are all of this Season's Milestone quests! Milestone quests have been a part of Fortnite for a while now and they're a great way to get experience points from doing common tasks a certain number of times. This way players that do these tasks will level up faster and finish the Battle Pass sooner.

These may seem like mundane things that you would do naturally as you play, but some of them are actually quite easy to forget if you don't keep an eye on the list. For example, thanking the battle bus driver.

Milestone Quests

This Season there are 19 Milestone quests to complete, each of them has 20 stages that will grant you 5,000XP each. It's important to check the list from time to time so you can keep track of how you're doing and see how close you are to completing another stage. Thankfully, stages don't get progressively harder as you get through them so you'll always have to meet the same requirements.

Quest How many per stage Total
Complete bounties 5 100
Damage opponents 5,000 100,000
Destroy objects while in a vehicle 200 4,000
Eliminations 25 500
Gain shields 1,000 20,000
Get headshots 40 800
Hit weakpoints 125 2,500
Open cash registers 25 500
Outlast opponents 750 15,000
Pick fruit from Reality Saplings 10 2,000
Place Top Ten 15 300
Reboot teammates 5 100
Restore health 1,000 20,000
Search chests or ammo boxes 75 1,500
Search rare chests 10 200
Thank the bus driver 10 200
Travel distance in a baller 5,000 100,000
Travel distance while riding a boar or wolf 5,000 100,000
Travel distance while sprinting 5,000 100,000

How To Check Your Progress

Since these quests will be here all Season long, it's crucial that you know how you can check your progress. Press the Map button/keybind, and then move left to get to the Quests tab. Here you will see all the quests you can complete in order to earn rewards. Go down to Milestones and that's where they will all be listed.

If you enter the Milestones section, you can scroll through the list and you can even individually track a certain quest. You will also notice the Milestone Bonus Goals punchcard at the top of the page. This is an extra reward for completing a certain number of Milestone stages – each time you complete ten Milestone quest stages, you'll receive 20,000XP.

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