Fortnite Announces New Dragon Ball Crossover Featuring Gohan And Piccolo

Fortnite has had some pretty big crossovers since it started teaming up with anyone and everyone. Everything from Marvel to The Witcher. Based on fan reaction alone, teaming up with Dragon Ball might be the biggest collaboration Fortnite has done to date. That's why it stands to reason the battle royale game is teaming up with the anime for a second time in less than a year.

Epic Games sent Fortnite-playing Dragon Ball fans into a tailspin by tweeting an image of a ship complete with the reveal the game will be crossing over with Dragon Ball Super. You don't have long to wait for it either. The second collab between the two goes live today, and might well be available by the time you read this.

That will be the first time the finer details of the crossover are confirmed since Epic revealed nothing but the image below. A little detective work and a lot of data mining has uncovered some of what will be pulled into The Loop from the Dragon Ball universe. Fans noticed the red symbols on the jet that represent the red ribbon army in Dragon Ball Super (thanks, PCGamesN) and guessed Piccolo and Son Gohan will be among the next characters from the series added to Fortnite.

As has now been revealed by Fortnite's dedicated data mining community, those guesses were spot on. Both Piccolo and Gohan will be added to Fortnite today, presumably via skins that can be bought through the in-game store. Shiina has also revealed various cosmetic items, including Piccolo's cape and turban, will be available, and the controversial Kamehameha appears to have been updated in preparation for its return.

The Dragon Ball move was a somewhat controversial one when added last year, being labeled as overpowered by some. It'll fit right into chapter four as Epic continues to try and iron out issues with the Shockwave Hammer, hurdling, and sliding. Piccolo and Gohan will join the likes of Goku and Vegeta when added later today, not to mention Dead Space's Isaac Clarke who became part of the Fortnite canon when his game's remake launched last week.

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