Fortnite downtime: Epic Servers going down today, here’s what time

Having delayed the new update by a day, Epic Games are now ready to launch their latest game build.

The bad news is that scheduled downtime for Fortnite is still on the cards, the good news being we know what time it will start.

So for those gamers hoping to play a couple of matches this morning in the UK, you should be wary about what time you log in.

Epic Games has now confirmed that Fortnite servers will be going down at around 9am, BST, on August 14.

The revamped schedule was confirmed yesterday by the Epic Games support team.

“Patch v10.10 arrives soon! Downtime begins tomorrow, August 14 at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC),” the message explains.

Scheduled server maintenance is being put in place so that Epic Games can launch a new Fortnite update.

The Epic Games website suggests that today’s Fortnite downtime will last around three hours and will affect all platforms.

This means that the regular game service won’t resume until around midday in the UK, affecting PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile platforms.

And in an unusual twist, the downtime tweet hasn’t dropped any new hints regarding the next new item coming to Battle Royale.

Something is usually contained in the message regarding the next Fortnite update, but it appears Epic Games are leaving things a little more mysterious this time.

Fans are expecting the Mech to see a few nerfs, among other balance changes for Season X.

Update 10.10 is also likely to mark the return of another classic point of interest.

Indeed, the Rift Portal recently appeared over the Mega Mall, leading to speculation that Retail Row will come back – only with a twist.

Elsewhere, Epic Games is working on fixes for multiple issues, many of which will be released this week.

According to the early patch notes, Epic will fix a problem with the Challenge menu becoming unresponsive and the shop screen flickering.

The good news is that Epic Games will share full official patch notes, covering everything they are changing.

This will be posted during the scheduled downtime and will include all the big news in connection with the new update.

Fortnite Save the World is also receiving an update today, which will be making a number of changes following the start of Season 10. You can find some early patch notes listed below:

  • Thunder Thora Returns!
  • Bringing the thunder to the ground!
  • Penny takes over the Van!
  • Join Penny as she Hits the Road as this weeks van driver.
  • SMG Weapon Type
  • In preparation for wraps, we’re adding a new weapon subclass: SMG’s. SMGs will become their own weapon type rather than sharing the assault rifles or pistol weapon type and will introduce more flexibility in gameplay as SMGs will work with a mixture of existing assault rifle and pistol Hero Perks.
  • For Heroes that have assault rifle / pistol perks that were NOT changed to work with SMGs, resets will be available in case players invested for a specific combination of Hero Loadout and Weapons.
  • Weapons that changed weapon type (becoming SMGs) will also have free resets in case players want to use a different weapon with their Hero loadout instead of adjusting their Hero loadouts.
  • All Defenders who could use assault rifles or pistols before can now use SMGs as well. Defender perks that boosted assault rifle or pistol damage will now also boost SMG damage.

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