Fortnite Fans Are Calling For The Removal Of A "Pay-To-Win" Superhero Skin

Fortnite fans are calling for a nerf or the removal of the customizable superhero skin, as it can be used to give players a strategic gameplay advantage.

Over the years Epic Games has introduced a number of skins to Fortnite, some of its own making, and some more famous skins as part of crossover events. Just last month, Epic Games managed to end the console wars by introducing Master Chief and Kratos skins. On top of that, there have been a number of skins introduced that depict characters from popular TV shows like The Mandalorian and The Walking Dead.

Epic Games has always justified Fortnite’s microtransactions by claiming that skins give players no gameplay advantages, but one particular skin is doing just that. Reddit user Priceytoaster uploaded a picture of a seemingly empty room in Fortnite that has attracted the attention of a large amount of Fortnite fans. That’s because the room isn’t empty and a crafty player is actually using the customizable superhero skin to blend into the shadows.

As can be seen – or not seen – in the image above, a Fortnite player has painted their superhero completely black in order to blend into the shadows. This makes the player practically invisible to the average passerby, arguably giving them a significant gameplay advantage over others. This has led many Fortnite fans to call for a nerf or removal of the skin.

The same Reddit user who provided the image even suggested a fix that could see the skin stay in the game without compromising its design. By implementing a white outline around the customizable superhero skin, players would be able to see the fully black superhero skin, and other, more creative, uses of the skin will be unaffected.

It’s clear that Epic Games needs to do something about this skin, and if that means removing it from the game entirely, then so be it. It’s obviously giving players a tactical advantage over others and is compromising Epic’s entire stance on purchasable cosmetics. Hopefully, this recent outcry has been large enough for Epic to finally do something about it.

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