Fortnite Players Are Dipping To Avoid Getting Shot

If you though that Fortnite's many, many dance moves were just silly little emotes that have almost no impact on the actual game itself, think again. Fortnite's annual LGBTQ+ celebration called Rainbow Royale recently began and to celebrate, Epic has given away a free emote called The Dip. If you don't know what that is, it's pretty much just a dance move – sometimes referred to as a Death Drop – that has you quickly drop to the floor and is quite often seen in shows like Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Now, the more astute of you will probably have already picked up on how letting players quickly drop to the floor with the push of a button could potentially affect close range shootouts in Fortnite. For the rest, a video of Fortnite shared by user @kayinterrupted recently went viral, showing someone using The Dip emote in multiple close range fights to avoid getting shot and it's quite a spectacular sight to behold.

The video shows the player starting fights with multiple different players, narrowly avoiding shotgun blasts to the face by dropping to the floor in the most stylish way possible. The fights then end with the player getting back up and blasting back with their own weapon, usually lot more successfully than their opponent. There are no other instances of players doing this at the moment, but the virality of the video will undoubtedly inspire more people to equip the emote and try doing it themselves.

As for what else this year's Rainbow Royale has brought to the game, Dreamer from the TV show Supergirl recently became available in the Item Shop, becoming the game's first transgender character to be added since launch. Fans also think that a Lady Gaga in-game concert could be coming, as a dataminer recently found audio of a Jug Band rendition of Poker Face that will likely be a group emote in the future.

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