Fortnite: Tips To Defeat The Herald

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Take down The Herald in a flash by following these tips. Once upon a time, Fortnite had tons of powerful bosses scattered all over the map that would immediately turn hostile toward the player and start attacking. However, now, perhaps since it could be overwhelming having so many bosses on the map, there is only one boss and various NPCs that you can challenge – meaning they'll only attack if you wish to fight them for a loot reward.

In this guide, we'll talk about the boss on the Chapter Three Season Four map, The Herald, a tough opponent for those that go into battle unprepared. Here's everything you need to learn about how to beat it.

Where To Find The Herald

It's unknown what The Herald's objective might be but she seems to be a guardian of the chrome substance that has been spreading all over the island. This part of the lore will surely be better explained when the season comes to an end and she is either successful or defeated completely.

The Herald can be found at Herald's Sanctum, previously known as Sanctuary but now completely overtaken by chrome. There is a castle-like chrome structure right in the middle of the location, with columns similar to those at the Reality Tree. Hop onto it and go to the north side of the structure to find The Herald's room.

How To Defeat The Herald

There are various reasons why one might want to know how to take on The Herald during a Fortnite match. You might just want to do it to complete the weekly quest focused on i, or to get a powerful weapon, or perhaps you just walked past too close to her, she turned hostile, and now you don't have a choice.

The Herald has 600 HP and 600 Shield, so she can be a tough opponent if you don't go in prepared. Plus, on top of that, she's got guardian wolves that will defeat her with their lives.

The Herald's quests have just recently been released so this is the perfect chance to defeat her – right before you complete the quests and acquire her as a skin in your locker. One of The Herald's quests requires you to deal 500 damage to opponents while chromified, this can be easily done on The Herald. The Herald has a lot of health and shields (1,200 combined) and there is a Chrome Tornado right beside her lair, making her and her wolves the perfect targets. Plus, going in chromed also makes it easier to dodge her attacks since you can turn into a Chrome Blob.

Prepare Beforehand

Before you go in and start attacking The Herald, it's important to prep and shield up.

  • Make sure that you're at 100 HP and 100 Shield and then gather some extra healing items to take in your inventory. Healing items that don't require you to stay still for too long are the best in this case.
  • The Shield Keg is great since it runs for quite a while and you can just walk around it. The Med-mist is another good example since you can walk as you spray yourself with this, it also can heal up to 150 HP. Both these options are viable, easy to find as floor and chest loot, and cover both your HP and Shield needs.
  • Collect ammo. The Herald will take quite a few bullets to take down, so be sure to open as many ammo boxes as you can to stock up properly.
  • Grenades may seem like a waste of inventory space but they're most definitely not. Hitting an opponent with a grenade will take away 100 of their health or shield. This is a significant amount when you're dealing with a boss that's got 1,200.

Check Your Surroundings

When it's time for you to approach The Herald's lair, you have to be certain that this is the right time to strike or if you should come back later or try again on your next match.

  • Check if there are no opponents around. You will most likely lose some health during this fight and you will also be distracted defending yourself or attacking. Other players might take this opportunity to strike and take you down in a second.
  • Keep an eye on the storm circle. You never know how long it'll take to defeat The Herald so keep checking your map to see where the next storm circle will be so that you don't end up being eliminated by the storm. Not too far away from Herald's Sanctum is the Driftin' Double Pumps gas station where the Panther NPC resides, for 175 gold she will reveal the next storm circle – a handy advantage.

Deal With The Chromified Wolves Quickly

You can't simply shoot The Herald until its health drops down to zero, it's not a continuous battle. You can only attack The Herald for a few seconds before she locks herself in a Chrome Shield Bubble and becomes immune to all damage. As soon as she goes inside her bubble, she will summon two chromified wolves that will come to her defense.

The Herald will not exit the bubble until you defeat her wolves. There's no use avoiding them and waiting until you can't attack her again.

It's important to keep in mind that since her wolves are a type of chromified wildlife, they will gain back health. So don't keep them unattended for too long. This is just one of the effects of the chrome mechanic.

Victory Rewards

Once you successfully defeat The Herald you will receive the Invasive Species accolade which grants 2,000 XP, and you will also be able to keep her loot: four Chrome Splash throwable items, and The Herald's Burst Rifle which is a Mythic EvoChrome Burst Rifle.

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