Fortnite update notes confirm great boost for Season 9 Battle Pass players

Epic Games has released a big Fortnite update today that includes a lot of changes.

Some of them are pretty big, adding new LTMs to the game and rebalancing other areas of gameplay.

Other tweaks are smaller, like letting players pet their pets as part of a Season 8 overhaul.

But one change is undoubtedly going to stand out as being very popular with the release of the Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass.

We know next to nothing about Season 9, including its theme, map changes or skins.

But we do know is that Fortnite friends are going to be able to cash in on some serious XP boosts, whatever happens.

Today’s Fortnite update notes confirm as much, listing several changes to how The Battle Pass Friend XP Bonus system works.

During Season 8, Fortnite friends have been able to provide a small XP boost to each friend in their party.

However, from now on, Epic Games is making it possible to get larger XP boosts for partying with one or more friends.

The dev team haven’t completely overhauled the system but they have made it easier to take advantage of the bonus for a longer period.

From what has been shared in the patch notes, the XP bonus will no longer be tied to squads of Battle Pass Friends, but it will now be expanded to however many teammates you have.

And as many multiplayer gamers will know, getting a full squad with all the right bonuses can be tough.

Here’s what the official post in the Fortnite update notes reveals: “The overall total XP Bonus remains the same (120%) and will now be much easier to keep active.

“In short, play any match with any number of friends and you’ll be getting the same amount of XP as someone who’s been playing with a full squad of Battle-Pass-owning friends.”

With Fortnite Season 8 entering into Week 9, this new change will not be making such an impact.

However, with the release of Season 9, this bonus will be available from the very start, making it a top update.

And this change will certainly help people who have started to see a drop in the number of friends playing the game, or buying the Battle Pass continue to use the bonus.

Other big changes made today are more temporary in nature and probably won’t affect the launch of Season 9. This includes the release of the Egg Launcher, a seasonal skin that will disappear following the end of Easter.

One change that could stick around is the addition of the new Epic and Legendary Infantry Rifle variants. These deal 42/44 damage and can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Supply Drops and Vending Machines.

The new LTMs released today will disappear within the week but could be brought back during Season 9. These include the Air Royale and Food Fight – Deep Fried Limited Time Modes.

Air Royale summary: Climb aboard a plane and take to the skies in this fast-paced mode where players fight to be the last one flying!

Deep Fried Summary: Two teams on either side of the map. A huge barrier down the middle. Lava steadily rising up from below. Build a fort to protect your restaurant mascot. When the Barrier lowers, destroy the enemy’s mascot and then eliminate the remaining enemies to win the match.

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