Fortnite update patch notes: Harpoon Gun and more changes on PS4, Xbox and PC

Fortnite are continuing their bizarre habit of releasing updates in Chapter 2 but without any patch notes what-so-ever.

Strange, given the developers, have made a habit out of dropping official patch notes like clockwork every week throughout the games first 10 seasons.

Regardless, Epic Games has just released a brand new content update to the game this afternoon (November 5th 2019) completely out of the blue and already the games passionate fans are starting to work their way through the latest files.

So far the only noticeable change that's been found by players is the inclusion of a new Harpoon Gun.

The new weapon in question only appears to be available as a blue rarity and does 75 damage.

Based on what we've seen of clips online it appears to 'hook' people and pull them towards you somewhat.

A bit like a reverse grappling hook.

The community have also noticed one or two other interesting features for the new weapon, for instance, you can 1 shot wood and you can fish with it too.

Unfortunately, for the time being anyway, this is all we know about the games latest content update.

Naturally, this complete lack of information is making the community frustrated to say the least.

"It’s actually annoying as hell that Fortnite isn’t informing us on ANYTHING coming to the game." Wrote FNBRLeaks.

Whilst fellow Fortnite leaked Lucas7yoshi added:

"No matter if you care about patch notes or not. It's a downgrade. It's unnecessary. It's dumb"

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Stay tuned for more info and hopefully more confirmed patch notes and changes for today's new Fortnite update.

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