Fortnite Update Today: When is the next Fortnite update and patch notes?

We're heading into the new Fortnite update this week a little confused.

Since the start of Chapter 2, Epic hasn’t exactly been consistent with how it throws its updates out – gone are the days of rhythmic downtimes, content updates and patch note releases.

Everything now is a little bit more… improvised… in how it comes across.

We didn’t get any patch notes for two weeks, then last week the studio published some ‘sort-of’ patch notes that didn’t break down the content added, but rather just gave us an overview.

Will the developer do the same this week? Are we going to see Epic once more decide to forgo patch notes and instead just put out its own, smaller round-up of what's gone on in the changes?

Long term they surely have to show something more substantial, especially with such a thriving eSports community who will want to know something as relatively straightforward as whether a gun has been nerfed or not.We’ll have to wait and see.

Until then, the best we can do is look at what Epic has signalled it'll be changing when the new patch hits and hope we're in the right ballpark when the update lands; Likely tomorrow, Tuesday 5th November or Wednesday 6th November.

So here's a look at what we believe is changing in the next update.

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Darkfire Bundle

Epic Games confirmed back in September that the Darkfire Bundle would be available to players ‘in two months’ time’.

As such, many players are anticipating the bundle being introduced in this week’s update, coming into the game on November 5.

Similarly to previously released packs, Darkfire will include a variety of skins, pickaxes, wraps and other cosmetics to boot.

Here’s what you can expect to find in the bundle:

• Three Legendary outfits

• Three Legendary back blings

• Three Rare dual-wielding pickaxes

• Three Epic wraps

• One new emote

Check out@s1loxon Twitter to see more of this new bundle.

The bundle (which will be purchasable from physical stores and supermarkets) will set you back approximately £24.99, if other packs are anything to go by.

Revive Bug

In a Reddit post this week, user‘CallMeReckful’revealed a bug that other players in the game have been suffering from, too.

In the post, the Redditor reveals a clip showing that they were knocked rather than eliminated, even though there were no teammates left in the game.

It seems like the bug manifests when a player disconnects from your team during the match. Another Redditor noted:

“If a squad member leaves the game, the remaining members will get knocked including the last one alive. This happened a couple of times to me in the last few days.”

We imagine this will get fixed in the next update – it’s too big for Epic to ignore.

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Bug Fixes

As ever, there will be some fixes coming in the next release.

As per theFortnite Trello board,we can infer these are:

• Magma Wrap looks different than intended.
• Inventory item selection set to equipped weapon instead of first slot.
• Pistol can appear larger than normal when using the John Wick Outfit.
• Wire frame sphere may appear around some pet Back Bling.

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