Fortnite Week 4 Challenges: How to search for buried treasure in Season 8

The challenges have finally arrived for Fortnite’s Season 8, Week 4 Battle Pass – and there’s some interesting stuff in there.

One of the trickiest challenges this week revolves around locating and unearthing buried treasure in the map. To progress your Battle Pass as much as possible, you’ll need to locate pirate-themed loot on the map.

This week, you’ll need to locate two pieces of treasure using a newly-introduced item in the Fornite universe.

Here’s Daily Star Online’s guide to locating this hidden treasure – good luck and good hunting!

Fortnite buried treasure – How to solve Season 8, Week 4 challenge

First up, you need to equip the Treasure Map item. It will take one slot in your inventory.

Once equipped, the item will show a few new locations on the map (marked in gold) and in the game world, too.

Check out where this marker is and make your way towards it – you’ll see a large black ‘X marks the spot’ marker on the map.

From here, use your pickaxe and you’ll be able to dig into the ground and uncover your shiny plunder – it will be full of Legendary tier loot.

It’s worth noting you don’t need to have the map equipped to get the item – you can simply pick it up, make a note of the location and then run off to find it.

If you’re more a fan of video guides, you can check out Bull – Fortnite’s video below.


• Search for Buried Treasure (2)

• Launch yourself through structures with a Pirate Cannon (25)

• Get an elimination with a Scoped weapon and a Suppressed weapon


• Use The Baller in different matches (5)

• Eliminate opponents at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park (10)

• Outlast opponents in a single match (90)
– Stage 1: Land at Tilted Towers
– Stage 2: Land at Junk Junction
– Stage 3: Land at Retail Row
– Stage 4: Land at Happy Hamlet
– Stage 5: Land at Pleasant Park

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