Fortnite x NBA: The Crossover Brings All 30 Uniforms To The Game, But Where’s LeBron?

Fortnite’s NBA crossover has already begun and will bring all 30 of the league’s uniforms along with it this weekend.

Epic appears to have cooled it on the crossovers following the Funko Pop-inspired frenzy that was season five. However, that cooldown period is now over as Fortnite has welcomed the NBA onto its island. The event, which is simply called Fortnite x NBA: The Crossover, will allow players to buy and wear uniforms from all 30 of the basketball league’s franchises.

The crossover has launched in conjunction with this season’s NBA playoffs which will begin later this week. The uniforms can all be bought via Fortnite’s in-game store starting on May 21, 2021. If you can’t decide which colors you want to rep, or there isn’t one particular team whose flag you would like to fly, then the In The Paint Set includes all 30, plus a bonus uniform.

Other NBA-related items coming to Fortnite later this week include the Hookshot Emote and Mini Hoop Back Bling. The hoop can sport any of the official logos from the 30 NBA teams, and other players will be able to throw mini basketballs into its net, providing their aim is good enough. Plus, starting next week, NBA elements will also be making their debut in Fortnite Creative.

The NBA crossover also brings with it something called Team Battles. Players can sign up to represent their chosen franchise in Team Battles but don’t delay as spots are limited. Each of the 30 teams has 15,000 spots available, which might sound like a lot but the LA Lakers roster is already full. If you miss out, you can still sign up as a fan of a franchise and be in with a chance of winning in-game rewards by doing so.

What’s off about the arrival of the NBA in Fortnite is the absence of LeBron James. A number of details have been revealed via Apple and Epic’s ongoing lawsuit, including plans to work with the basketball megastar. James is nowhere to be seen in this particular crossover, though. Perhaps he will have his own event at a later date, maybe to celebrate the release of Space Jam 2 this summer.

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