Fortnite’s New Heisted Exotic Weapons React To Audio

Fortnite's Most Wanted update arrived yesterday as a new event that tasks you with breaking into Cold Blooded Vaults to steal one of five new Exotic weapons. Breaking into the vault involves grabbing a keycard from a Cold Blooded Boss (by killing them, of course) and then fighting your way past Cold Blooded Syndicate members that are guarding the vault.

Epic’s preview of the event showed us five different Exotic weapons to be found. The Heisted Breacher Shotgun is good at blowing away walls and destructible cover, while the Explosive assault Rifle shoots explosive bullets. The Accelerant Shotgun increases both movement speed and fire rate as you damage enemies, and the Run 'n' Gun SMG provides players with a Snap infusion and self-reloads while sprinting. Finally, there’s the Blink Mag SMG, which activates a Zero Point Dash ability after you reload.

The pictures made it seem like each of these guns would have a static red-outlined wrap, but it turns out that’s not the case. Each of the Heisted Exotic weapons is audio-reactive and will change color based on nearby sounds.

We’ve got Reddit user gentlecat2210 to thank for showcasing these audio-reactive Exotics in a short video. Note that the color of the other player’s gun reacts when gentlecat2210 starts emoting.

User Alphasilverhawk notes that the wrap for these weapons appears to be Neon Pulse, which isn’t currently available in-game for other weapons. It seems Epic brought that wrap forward to give the new Heisted weapons a bit more excitement. It's not currently clear whether the wrap will be made available for other guns in the future, or if it's just stuck to these Exotics.

Fortnite Most Wanted is on until February 28. Besides these new Heisted weapons and the Cold Blooded Vaults, players can increase their Infamy to unlock new cosmetics, such as Cash Stash Back Bling, The Vault Guardian Pickaxe, and the Gold Blooded Ace Outfit. There's also five Cold Blooded Medallions to collect that will unlock the Solid Skull Back Bling, which can be further evolved through the Solid Skull Quests.

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