Fortnite’s rune event opens vault, unlocking a weapon from the past

Over the last month, the entire Fortnite community has been working together on puzzles in hopes of unlocking the game’s season 8 Rune event. The first sign of something big came from a few dig sites around the island which eventually revealed a giant door over Loot Lake. After weeks of digging, destroying rocks, and dancing, players broke all five of the door’s seals. On Saturday afternoon, that door finally opened.

Around 3 p.m. ET on Saturday, players jumped inside to a freshly opened vault to discover a massive underground cavern with many of the weapons and items that have been removed from Fortnite over the last eight seasons frozen in giant blocks of ice. Every time something is removed Epic refers to it as being “vaulted.” It seems that this is the vault those items and weapons are sent to.

Planes, the Infinity Blade, the grappler, the tactical SMG, bounce pads, and the drum gun were the six vaulted objects frozen. Players quickly started hitting the frozen blocks that the weapons were in, revealing that they only had a small amount of health and could be destroyed fairly quickly. While it wasn’t exactly clear what they might do when destroyed, the most common guess was that they would return the item sitting on them to the game.

The first item broken out was the drum gun and just as everyone had assumed it appears that it has been added back into the game. It’s unclear if the drum gun has received any balance changes since it was vaulted, or if it was brought back in exactly the same state it left in, but we’re sure to get a few more details from Epic soon.

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