Forza Horizon 5 Reaches 15 Million Players

Exactly how many people are buying and playing certain games can often be hard to determine. Whether it be companies such as Nintendo not sharing its digital sales, or games launching on Xbox Game Pass as well as in shops which obviously results in them selling far fewer copies. The one thing you can be sure of is if millions of people are playing your game right after it launches, people probably like it.

That was the case for Playground Games and Forza Horizon 5. Five million people were playing Forza 5 almost right off the bat thanks to its early access. That doubled to ten million a week after release day since it was available to anyone and everyone with a Game Pass subscription. Another two months later, and an additional five million players have been added to that total.

That impressive goal was confirmed by industry analyst MauroNL over the weekend. “Exactly two months after its release, Forza Horizon 5 has crossed the 15 million players mark,” MauroNL tweeted, congratulating Forza 5's developers Playground Games in the process. The tweet includes a screenshot that serves as proof of Forza's achievement. The exact player total at the bottom reads 15,009,018. It also shows the top 11 players in the world if you're wondering what sort of accolade score it takes to be among the elite.

For comparison, according to VGChartz, Sea Of Thieves, which also launched on Game Pass, took two years and four months to surpass 15 million players. It has since gone on to register 25 million players. We'll see how long it takes Forza 5 to reach that lofty goal. Probably a lot less than three years considering how quickly it has managed to hit 15 million players by comparison.

Forza 5's launch was bigger than anyone would have expected, and confirmation for Xbox that making games available through Game Pass on day one is a good idea. The ten million people who played the game during its first seven days made sure it had the biggest first week in Xbox history.

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