FREE PS4 game with DualShock 4: PlayStation gamers need to act FAST

With Autumn now in full swing, you might be looking to pick up a second PlayStation controller in order to enjoy some multiplayer madness with your family and friends over the forthcoming festive period (can you believe it’s almost mid-October already?).

Whichever games you’re looking to play, Currys PC World have a deal that will make you feel like Black Friday has come early.

The retailer is offering a DualShock 4 with a free copy of Anthem for just £49.99. Aside from the irony of Anthem only supporting one player in local play, it’s a great deal.

There are three colours on offer, too.

Black Dualshock 4 with Anthem – £49.99

White Dualshock 4 with Anthem – £49.99

Red Dualshock 4 with Anthem – £49.99

Now, while Anthem may not be game of the year material, it’s certainly worth a look – especially if you were planning on buying a DualShock 4 to begin with.

And there’s no denying that being able to fly around like Marvel’s Iron Man is a thrill – even if Anthem’s endgame content is lacking.

The game sees players glide around the map in high-tech armoured suits called Javelins, battling the enemies of humanity. Bioware has expressed a desire to keep working on Anthem, so now is a great way to get in and see the updates for yourself.

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